Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Eve at Jill's with the Gang

*Sat. 12/24-  Christmas Eve. On the way to our festivities, Ric, Dom and I stopped for a pitcher of beer on the Little Miami River at a joint called The Train Stop.  Nice, friendly local place.

Sadly, Tony had to work, as is often the case.  Especially during the busy holidays….  He’s an executive chef at Bravo’s. 

The rest of the gang had a ball at Jill’s house.  I was tickled to finally see Jenna, her husband Richard, their children, Lauren and Blake, along with Jill, Ryan and Brooke all together.....what fun!

The girls put together a really nice spread of food.  Sugared Italian Sausage, Buffalo Chicken Dip, Cream Cheese with Hot Pepper Jelly, Cream Cheese with Orange Marmalade/Horseradish, Spinach Dip and homemade cookies.

The champagne flowed freely, presents were exchanged, and the words of the day were “Aunt Nan” and “Uncle Dom”.  The children were delightful. Gee, it's nice to be loved!

We had one minor problem.  Dom got into a fight with Lauren, age 4.  She threw carrot sticks at him.  He threw them back at her.  When I pointed out that she was only 4 years old, Dom said, “Well, she started it”…. LOL.  They made up…. All is well with the 2 of them.

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