Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Party Continues

Well..... I've been home from Ohio for a week.... and the celebration is continuing.... it'll probably stay this way until Mardi Gras day around here.

Dear friend, Goldie, in Danville, KY., sent us our annual Country Ham.  This year's beauty was 16 pounds....a good 8 hours in a low oven created the most amazing smell in the house.   As the photo shows, a little mouse got busy picking away at the crispy skin and some of the meat before this photo was taken.  LOVE this.  Served it on Sunday afternoon with Creamed Potatoes and Lima Beans.  Heavenly!

Our friend Chris is wild about this, so we had him over for the weekend.  We drank beer, watched football and nibbled on ham.  Big fun.

Was sad to see my Pittsburgh Steelers lose, but happy for Tim Tebow... he gets such a bad rap for being a Christian.  He seems like a fine lad to me, and I hate how the media bashes him.

Throughout the early afternoon, fog rolled in-  big time.  Rather odd during daylight hours.  Just as quickly as it enveloped the property, it rolled back out.  Kinda creepy.... could envision werewolves and such!
Knowing what a big Alabama Crimson Tide fanatic I am, Chris put an LSU sign on my table when I wasn't looking.  Not to be outdone, I surrounded it with some of my stuff!

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