Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dec. 18th through 21st

*Sun. 12/18-  Rick went to a gun show while I laid around.  Upon his return, we did some shopping at Wal Mart, ordered his Christmas Goose at Bigg’s, then headed home.

*Mon. 12/19-  Rick spent a full day at work while I stayed home and polished his sterling silver. (My annual job).  When he got home, he dropped me off at a neat bar, Tabby's, while he got a haircut.  

He joined me for a beer afterwards, we picked up our 12 ½ # Goose (Almost 80 bucks…. He almost had a stroke!), then had a delightful dinner at TGIF….  3 courses each for $17 per person.  Yummy!

*Tues. 12/20-  Rick worked.  Uneventful day.  I worked my magic in a call to Dish Network and got them to knock off over 20 bucks a month on his bill.

*Wed. 12/21-  While Rick worked, Jennifer and Jill, Brooke and Ryan picked me up.  I bought them lunch at Fiesta Brava.  (Ric’s favorite Mexican joint.Not so much mine, but the company was wonderful! 

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