Friday, January 6, 2012

Dec. 29th and 30th

*Thurs. 12/29-  Dom hit the road at 8am and spent the night just South of Tuscaloosa.

Amy and the girls headed home at 12:30.

Ric’s arm had been killing him for a couple of weeks, so he headed to a local Instant Care…. Ended up with a diagnosis of Tendonitis.

When he returned, the 2 of us took our annual jaunt to Jungle Jim’s.  

This about the neatest grocery store that I’ve ever been to.  They’ve got imported cheeses, butters, and other assorted dairy products.  

They have a HUGE seafood market.  An entire hot sauce department....  As well as any international food that you can imagine.  I’m in awe of the place.  We plan on a couple hours minimum when we visit here.  Love it, love it, love it!

On the way home, Ric and I stopped at Toot’s for a couple of $1.00 draft beers, then went home and ate leftovers.
*Fri. 12/30-  Did some running around town looking for a set of Double 9 dominoes for Ric…. They were not to be found.

Jennifer met us for lunch at Tabby’s…. good food!

Later, Ric and I headed up to Best Buy.  He walked out as the proud owner of a 10 ½ inch Samsung Galaxy Tab. Gorgeous!

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