Thursday, January 19, 2012

Saints, Packers and Chicken Bonne Femme

Well, my beloved New Orleans Saints are out of the playoffs.  Absolutely devastating!  The only thing that eased my sorrow was that the stupid Green Bay Packers were knocked out, as well.

Alas, we'll be cheering for Eli Manning, local boy, and his NY Giants.  But it sure won't be the same!

I had planned on cooking a fabulous dinner on Sunday, but my heart just wasn't in it.  So, moped around most of the day, then got jiggy with it in the kitchen on Monday.

It basically took all day, but was well worth it.  Chicken Bonne Femme....  chicken thighs, ham, bacon, garlic, potatoes, white wine, green onions, mushrooms and butter.  Absolutely decadent.

"Good Woman's Chicken".

Other than football and cooking, not much is happening here.  Dom's feeling and looking great.  No doctor appointments scheduled until mid February with Dr. Safah at Tulane.... it'll be time for his quarterly M-Spike test.

Hoping to bust a move to the condo for a few days soon.  Haven't been to the beach since November.

Hope this finds all of you healthy and happy!  (And maybe hungry!)


Sandy said...

Oh sigh... looks absolutely scrumptious!! It's too late for me to start making that tonight, but I think I might have to try it one of these days/nights.... you temptress, you!

Anonymous said...

I'll email you the recipe, sweetie!