Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Has Sprung....and "The Dom" is doing well!

Hi gang.... wanted to post a few pictures and do a quick check-in with y'all.

Firstly, our patient is doing well.  He's been very tired the last few weeks, but other than that, all is groovy.
Went to our obligatory VA Oncologist's appointment on Wednesday.  (She springs for the Thalidomide).  

Really...for being a government agency, our VA hospital in Biloxi runs like a well oiled machine.  We've never had a problem there.

They're pleased with his numbers, attitude and appearance.  She suggested that we have Tulane check his IRON when we go in next week.  He's already taking oodles of B-12, so we'll see what Dr. Safah thinks. 

After our appointment, we put the top down and drove into Bogalusa for our favorite Chinese restaurant.  After I made a complete pig out of myself  (I eat at least twice as much and twice as fast as Dom), the owner called me over to try their new Hibatchi set up.

Bogalusa is a very "backward" Redneck town, and this is the first Hibachi in town.  Although I was completely stuffed, I let him twist my arm and put together a plate.  I was impressed.  There were fresh eggs, fresh mushrooms, beansprouts, onions, peppers, shrimp, chicken and beef.... along with pasta and rice.  I blew off the starch and just went with veggies and an egg.  Walked around the corner and handed my plate through a window for the guy to cook it.... YUMMY.  No more fattening egg rolls and such for's bathing suit weather.  This new little addition is going to be great for me!

Dear friend Dennis stopped by for a quick visit on Thursday.  Did a little bit of gardening over the weekend.  Garlic and Shallots seem to be doing well.  Put in Straightneck and Crookedneck Yellow Squash, Cukes, Sweet Banana Pepper and Hot Banana Peppers.

**If you're growing Banana Peppers, try this.... (this is the only thing that we do with them)  Split 'em down the middle lengthwise and remove seeds and membranes.  Stuff them with finely minced onion and shredded sharp cheddar cheese.  Wrap in Bacon, toothpick and broil.    WOW.  So much for "healthy vegetables", huh?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rare shark spotted off Panama City Beach

Wow!  This was taken off of the pier that you see from our balcony.  I walk over there often.  What a freak-out this would be!

"A shark, believed to be a basking shark, is seen off the Russell-Fields Pier on Thursday afternoon. Officials say that type of shark is not a danger to people and is rarely seen in this region."

More here:

Last Week at PCB

We had a great time.  The water was crystal clear, but bitchin' cold.  I don't know HOW people were swimming.  I'll be in there next month, but this was TOO cold.

We laid on the beach a couple of hours a day, cleaned up, then strolled across the street for a couple of beers with Donn and Tina.  I grilled up Reuben sandwiches on St. Patrick's day for the 4 of us.

For the most part, we were pretty mellow.  It was nice and relaxing. Ate alot at home.  Did manage to go to Dee's Hangout for dinner a couple of nights.  Overflowing shrimp po boys that were to die for.  Sloppy roast beef po boy was a delight.  Dollar pints of draft.  Heavenly.... and just a short stroll from the condo.  And Coyote Ugly is still next door!

Made a couple of new friends from Oklahoma.  Cassidy and Bree.  Both of 'em as cute as a button.  We're now facebook buddies, and hope to see them again this summer.  Now, if I could only get the little bitches to quit calling me "NANNA".   *grinning*

Uploading a bunch of pictures, but sadly not of our gals...

Spring Break Madness....

We spent an entire week at the condo last week.  That was the height of Spring Break.  As promised from news reports, locals and church bulletins, there was an awful lot of decadence.  LOVED IT!

Guys with megaphones trying to pick up broads, broads carried off of the beach drunk at 11:30 am in the morning.  Alot of vulgarity.  Alot of fun to watch!

The big thing with the college kids is "BEER PONG".  Alot of kids brought tables on to the beach for their drinking games.  Several guys, however, spent over 3 hours digging a pit in which to play.  It was first class, all the way.  They had an entrance ramp, seating, a full bar set up.  Quite the piece of work.

Sadly, when I looked out the next morning, it had basically been demolished.  Thought you guys would get a kick out of seeing pictures.

The "big action" was a couple of doors down outside the Holiday Inn.  Geico and a couple of other companies had tents set up over there.

Greatly Outnumbered

Beer Pong Table

Digging the Pit

Finished Pit
Pit the Next Morning

Meanwhile, the Southern Baptists were out in full force.  Maybe as many as 20 of 'em!  Offering "free" rides to drunk drivers, free "life changing" pancake breakfasts, and writing "JESUS" in the sand.... wherever the other kids were having fun.  Amusing.