Saturday, October 31, 2009

Middendorf's.....What a Neat Place!

You can venture over to this link for pics of the food.... very good:

I'm not certain what Tim and I were looking up at. Must have been way kewl, huh?

Bonnet Carre Spillway and Misc

Deep Inside the Manchac Swamp

Frenier Landing Pics from today

Please note our Henry scratching his head and grimacing in one of the photos: "Who in the HELL are these lunatics???? What in the HELL am I doing here?????"

Road Trip!!!! Happy Halloween!

Had a fun day today. Henry picked me up at 9am. We drove to Beth's house in LaPlace via Airline Hwy. for a change.

Their old internet buddy, Timmy rolled in shortly after. Timmy is a comedian for Carnival Cruise Lines, originally a Tennessee boy. Nice fella. This was his first time in that area of town, so Beth wanted to show him around.

The 5 of us headed North. (Timmy, Nan, Henry, Beth and her husband Darryl....although I call him Russell.... long story) *grinning*

We stopped at Frenier Landing for a few photos. Very nice area. Then a quick walk through the swamp at the Joyce Wildlife Management area.

Heading further North, we went to Middendorf's in Manchac for a wonderful lunch. Another internet buddy, Barbara, met us there. Fun, fun gal! Darryl/Russell is the Comptroller at the restaurant. Wow, did we eat. Crab Remoulade, Crab Fingers, Crabmeat Cocktail, Turtle Soup, Gumbo, Fried Shrimp, Fried Oysters, Fried Catfish, Stuffed Crab..... homemade ice cream. OINK OINK.

Continued Northerly to Pontchatoula, LA. Stopped at a produce market, a couple of antique shops, a museum, then started heading home in order to let Timmy head to Baton Rouge at a decent hour.

Made a stop at the Manchac Swamp, as well as a couple of Andouille shops in Laplace.

Henry and I went our "usual" route all the way home down River Road. He suggested a fun day for Christine and I during her Thanksgiving visit. YAY! Had a lovely day. Pics coming next.

SAW VI, Joe Seppie's and Tulane

Hello gang-

Another good week. On Wednesday, we went to see SAW VI.... good gory flick. Missed the last couple of sequels, but didn't matter.... was able to figure out what was going on.

Afterwards, we went to a little local joint, Joe Seppie's. (Cute name, huh? Little Italian dude runs the place). Had great sandwiches... Dom had a Muffaletta on Cibiotta (?) bread. Mine was Pastrami and Provolone. Mmmmm, mmmmm, good!

On Thursday, we headed to the Tulane Cancer Center. They took alot of blood from Dom. We'll find out late next week if he is indeed in remission. The whole team at Tulane is very confident, as are we.

Dom headed to Poplarville on Friday morning.....he'll be returning tomorrow morning. I went on a cleaning frenzy, then played with my buddies all day today. Pics up soon.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Saturday's Magnificent Sunset in Metairie, LA

Dom's Doing OK....

Dom is looking and feeling pretty good. As his hair is returning, he has refused to shave off his beard. "Maybe in a few weeks". *lol*

He spent much of last week in Poplarville, doing boy stuff. He can't WAIT to get out of this apartment!

He came home Saturday and met the boys at a big car show at Elmwood. Biggest turnout yet...over 500 cars! They had a good time.

On Sunday, he picked Chris up and they went to a gun show. Obama has certainly been good for gun and ammo sales!

We watched the Saints make an amazing comeback to beat Miami on Sunday afternoon. We are now 6-0. Unreal!!!!!

Yesterday and today have been lazy days for us. Off to our movie tomorrow and his doctor on Thursday. They're FINALLY going to do blood work to confirm that he's in remission. We won't know for about a week.

Dunno much else, gang.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Brusly, LA, River Road, Plantations, Oaks, Fun!

Henry picked me up at 7:30 am on Saturday. Got to Beth's at 8:30 and switched over to her car.

Got a caffeine jolt at PJ's Coffee and hit the road.

As usual, Baton Rouge traffic was a real clusterfuck. Horrid! Crossed the River and head South to Brusly, LA. Our first stop was at the old Cinclare/Marengo Sugar Plantation. Still had all sorts of outbuildings on the property, as well as their Molasses plant.

Headed over to see the town's 400 year old Live Oak. Beautiful.

Spent time trampling around the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church cemetery as well at the St. John the Baptist Catholic Church cemetery.

In search of a “hidden” old cemetery, we ended up “in da hood” and changed our minds.

Headed down river on West River Road to Plaquemine, LA. Spent some time at the Bayou Water Front Park - a lovely little area on the bayou. Looked for gators without any luck.

Next stop was the St. Raphael Cemetery. Old, old graves. Many tombstones in French. Really a neat place.

Made a quick stop in Bayou Goula (Providence Point) to stop in what claims to be the world's smallest church. Only 8 ft. square.

Hopped back into the car and wildly careened down River Road passing multiple sugar cane fields and slave cabins.

Landed at Ascension Parish.

Had lunch at the Cyprus Cafe in Donaldsonville. Beth had their version of Buffalo Wings which were merely fried drummets with no seasoning or goop. Good, but not buffalo wings. I had fried shrimp on a bun. Also good. Our Henry had gumbo and shrimp remoulade.

Back on River Road through Point Sunshine and Welcome, LA in St. James Parish.

Stopped at a pretty cemetery right on the river levee... St. James Catholic Church.

Heading home on River Road we passed 4 Plantations on the West bank.... Oak Alley, St. Joseph, Felicity and the Laura Plantations.

Crossed back to our side of the river in Vacherie via the Veterans Memorial Bridge and hopped on Airline highway back to Beth's home in Laplace.

Henry and I went home his favorite way....down River Road. Drove around the Bonet Carre Spillway and passed the Ormond Plantation and the Destrehan Plantation.

Fun fun day! I'm unable to figure out how to save this as a jpg file, but here's a link to our route:

Pictures in posts below.

Thanks again, Henry and Beth. I had a delightful time!

Brusly Oak and St. James Square

Cinclare/Marengo Sugar Plantation

That's sugar cane that you see behind the Cinclare plaque.

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church Cemetery- Brusly, LA

I got a real chuckle out of Wandering Jew in a Catholic Cemetery! There's a joke in there somewhere!

Also, check out the "BLING" on that one gravesite!

Bayou Water Front Park- Plaquemine, LA