Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fun with Amy!!!! Pajama Party with Ryan!!!

Childhood best friend Amy drove down on Monday morning with her two girls. We had great always. Her girls, Ursula and Elsa were delighted to see "Uncle Ric" and "Aunt Nan".

We met my nieces and their kids at Red Robin on Monday night. A real kid-friendly joint with good burgers and ice cold beer!

On Tuesday night, Jill and her two joined us at "Toots". Ryan was enamored with Amy's two "big girls" and decided to spend the night with us. Pajama Party Time!!!

Sunday.... Outback with the Gang...

Busy, busy, busy. I'm ready to go home and REST. *smiling*

All is well both in Cinci and back home. Dominic is feeling well. Moved us back to our home yesterday. I'm no longer a Metairie Girl. I'm a country bumpkin once again. *sighing*

Here's a few pics from Sunday night at the Outback Steakhouse. Ric took us all out for a holiday celebration. Sadly, as per usual, Tony had to work.

Fun was had by all.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Saturday- Jungle Jim's and Hooters with Ric

Had a neat day yesterday. Ric and I ventured into Fairfield to shop at "Jungle Jim's".... This place is like an amusement park for get lost in this joint. I was knocked out by row after row of international food.... we spent a couple hours in there. If we'd had more time, I can envision spending many hours in the joint. Picked up our stuff for NY Day (Pork and Sauerkraut, etc.) Also got some lovely imported Irish butter. (Ric uses that healthy spread/crap....arghhhhh).

After we left there, we spent a couple hours at Hooter's.... drinking beer, eating steamed clams, and finishing with Hot Wings. Yummy!

Heading out this evening to meet the entire family at the Outback for another holiday dinner. Can't wait!

Christmas Day

We celebrated Christmas at Jen's. She had a full house- Ric and I, Jill, Tony and their two, her father in law, her stepson, and her gang. Fun, fun, fun!

She had quite the spread.... food as far as the eye could see.... dips, chips, cheeses, fruits, everything that you could imagine. Alan (FIL) brought over fudge and a couple of pies.....By the time the ham came out of the oven, I was stuffed. (Christ, I'm getting fat during this vacation!)

The four children were amazingly well behaved. No screaming, crying, hitting.... Aunt Nan was very pleased, as she was told by the girls to expect fireworks when the 4 cousins all got together.

Please note who received the biggest present!!!!!! *smiling*

Ryan is a Doll!

Ryan is the eldest of Ric's 4 grandchildren. He's the total gentleman. Obedient. Articulate. Quite charming. Easy to engage in conversation. I just love this little boy!

Mellow Blake

This is our Blake. Honestly, he's the sweetest, happiest child that I've ever encountered. In the many hours that I've spent with him this week, he cried once..... for maybe 10 seconds. Period.

He is all smiles. Loves to dance. Giggles and laughs constantly. A real joy to be around!

Lovely Lauren

This is our Lovely Lauren..... a sweet, sweet little girl. Loves the camera. Loves to dress up. Very, very charming! Like mother, like daughter.... Jen is a photog. They got Lauren a little digital camera.... she was snapping pics like a pro. Must be running through her blood!

Brooke is Hysterical

These kids have really stolen my heart. Brooke is a real kick.

If she senses the least thing wrong, she bellows out "OH NO!!!!". I think this pic might have captured that.

She's 2 years old. Was sitting on my lap, and she pointed to the letters at my BACARDI shirt....I thought that I was hearing things...."B" "A" "R" "D".... I was speechless.... Jill said that she's known her alphabet since she was 18 months old. (listening to mommy teach her brother Ryan).

One more cute thing. If she doesn't know a word, she "hisses"..... She was pointing at people in the room and naming names.... "Grandad", "Mommy", "Ryan".... when she got to me, she pointed, smiled and said "HISSSSSSSS". Too funny.

Christmas Eve

It's been a wonderful visit! We stopped by Jen's for awhile to drop off a ham and visit with the children. Then headed up to Lebanon, OH to spend Christmas Eve with Jill and her kids. Our Tony had to work.

Walked into her place to find a counter full of homemade cookies.... all sorts of different kinds. Aunt Nan decided that she simply adores "snickerdoodles". *smiling*

As the afternoon went on, she pulled out the boiled shrimp, crockpot meatballs, spinach artichoke dip and slices of French bread pizzas. Just lovely!

Jilly and I killed a couple bottles of wine. Here are some of my favorite pics.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ho Ho Ho....Oink Oink Oink!

Geez...... I felt so slim when I got here 1 week ago..... it was fun while it lasted. *grinning*

On Wed. night, Ric and I had a delightful dinner at TGIF's. The place was all decorated for Christmas... very pleasant. They were offering a 3 course dinner for $12.95. We spent another couple bucks each for a half-a-dozen shrimp. Good stuff! In fact, I didn't even touch my entree...brought it home. Just ate the app and dessert... the most decadent cheesecake I'd ever had. We got out of there for $50 including the tip and a couple pints of beer each. What a deal.

Last night, Tony took us to one of his restaurants, "BRAVOS". As I type this at 10 am the next morning, I'm still uncomfortably full. Man, did we eat and drink. You'd have thought that we were celebrities sitting at Tony's table.... a constant stream of fellow management stopped by for a chat.

The drink of choice was their Espresso Martini..... Vanilla vodka, Coffee Liquor, Dark Creme de Cocoa and a shot of espresso.

Had multiple appetizers, an array of entrees and desserts. I was really impressed with the joint, and proud of our Tony. THANKS AGAIN, Tony and Jill! It was a lovely evening!

Meanwhile, in LA/MS, all is well. Dom, Christine and Gene took a load to Poplarville. Then went to our favorite buffet, had a beer at the L&C, then drove into Slidell for a quick visit with Aunt Lou.

Dom feels good and has dinner reservations at an Italian restaurant for the 3 of 'em tonite. (The same place that we went for our 21st wedding anniversary a few weeks ago).

Hope everyone enjoys their Christmas Eve! We're heading to Jill and Tony's for another feeding frenzy. *groaning and smiling*

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Having too much fun here!

Hi gang....

Ric and I are having a grand time.

On Sunday afternoon, we went to THE BRAZENHEAD IRISH PUB. What a neat, neat place. I'd been to the original in Dublin last summer, so it was like "coming home again". We each had a couple of pints of Guinness, all you can eat Fish and Chips (beer battered), and for dessert, we each had a couple of Bailey's and Jameson's on the rocks. Woo Hoo!

Ric had to spend a full day at work on Monday. We had a local pizza delivered.... Donato's Pizza. Apparently it's a chain, but I'd never seen one anywhere other than Cinci. GOOD STUFF. Really enjoyed it.

Everybody seems to be getting sick around here. It started with Jennifer and her kids.... Ric started with a sore throat last night, and woke up feeling like hell. As the day went on, he seemed to get better.... all upper respiratory crap. Glad it hasn't hit me YET. Being a smoker, I tend to be rather susceptible to that stuff.

Jen was going to have us over for dinner tonite, but we blew it off. After we slept in this morning, we headed to THE PARTY SOURCE in Newport, KY.... right across the river. Oh My Gawd! Picture a Super WalMart with nothing but booze, wine and beer. Ric and I were like a couple of kids in a candy store! LOL....

Headed back to Ohio, stopped by Krogers, and am presently sipping on a beer waiting for the Dish Network guy to show up. Later, Ric and I are going to have a bite at TGIF's. They all closed up in the New Orleans area..... I used to love the joint. Happy he has one right down the road.

That's the scoop here.

All is fine in Metairie. Dom is doing "OK". Much better today. He went to a gun show with Chris over the weekend, got dizzy and had to sit down a couple of times. Dunno what's going on, but he feels much better today.

Christine and her boyfriend Gene flew in yesterday afternoon. Dom took 'em to the Rivershack for dinner. Man, I'm gonna miss that joint!

Today, they packed boxes and are heading to Poplarville with a load tomorrow. I'm glad that Christine's in town for her dad.

Will check in soon. Love to all of you and Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sat. 19th: Jill's, Saints and "43 liquor"

Well, gang.... Aunt Nan is tired.... has just been here a few days.... not accustomed to so much activity!!!! More fun on Sat. Ric worked a half day, they we headed up to Lebanon to spend a few hours with Jill and the kids. Our Tony was working, as usual. On the way home, stopped at a liquor store for my FIREFLY Sweet Tea Vodka. Got here in plenty of time for the Sat. night Saints/Dallas game..... so much for 14 and eaux! *pouting* Ric turned me onto a fun booze.... "43" liquor from Spain. Float heavy cream (oink oink) on top....mmmmmm, mmmmmm, good!

Fri Dec 18th.... Jennifer, Richard and their kids.....

Big bro had to go to work, so I was the good sister.... polished silver, stewed some tomatoes and didn't raid his beer supply. :)

After he got home from work, my niece Jenna, her husband Richard and kids Lauren (almost 3) and Blake (about a year and a half) came over.

Aunt Nan was tickled... no screaming... no crying... just giggles and laughs! *she sez sighing a breath of relief*

Had a real fun visit. Here's Jen's gang: (Am bummed out as many of the pics....especially my Lauren, were blurry..... I'll make it up on Christmas day at Jennifer's!!!!)

BTW: I have to say that little Blake is the happiest little fella that I've ever been around...nothing but smiles and giggles... no tears.... what a little doll!!!!

Thurs. Dec 17th: Jill and Tony

After Ric picked me up at the airport, Jill and Tony came by with the kids.... almost 4 year old Ryan and almost 2 year old Brooke. Tony is a manager of a local BRAVO's and brought over oodles of goodies.... a pan of their lasagna topped with alfredo, good bread, the whole works. The children were delightful... no screaming in front of Aunt Nan. Aunt Nan appreciated this, as those of you who know me can understand! Disappointed in many photos, as they have the "devil red-eye".... too lazy to photo-shop, so posting them as they came out of my camera. Anyway, a delightful day!