Friday, September 30, 2011

Wednesday's Wicked Weather

Man, did we have a storm on Wednesday afternoon.  It lasted a couple of hours with serious wind, rain and lightning.  Wish these pictures could have reflected just how bad it got here....

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dom's Garage is Finished

Man, these guys worked fast!  It's finished.  Now, as soon as it gets cool, we can restore the game room back to how it was.

I was thinking about doing some landscaping along the side of the garage, but think I might just plant alot of garlic instead.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mallard Ducks and Deer Sausage from Breaux Bridge, LA..... DELICIOUS!

I'd mentioned in a prior post that my Cajun girlfriend, Vickie, loaded us up with goodies.   ( I HIGHLY recommend this tour!)

On Saturday, I put this together.... 2 Mallard Ducks and 2 links of Deer Sausage, on a bed of chopped celery, onion and garlic.  Loaded it up with black and cayenne pepper and a little salt.  Put in a BIG blast of Cabernet.  Cooked at 250 degrees all day.  Served with white rice.

OMG!  One of the tastiest things ever to come out of my kitchen.  I regret that I did not show it plated, and the "after" picture has some leftover rice in it.  (Dem gizzards and hearts were out of this world, Cher!)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back to the Beach Week 2- SERENITY NOW!

Hi gang....

A quick report on Week 2 at the beach.  I was originally going to come back home a day or 2 later than Vickie, but I felt cheated.  Whined to Dom over the phone that the water was gorgeous, had gotten plenty of sun but no swimming time.  "Nanette.... I don't give a shit.... stay another week if you want".    (He didn't have to tell me twice... yippee!   Man, I've got a great husband!)

Went down to our exercise room every morning and worked out on my abs and hips.  Told Dom that he's gonna have a "hard-belly" for an old lady!  (This, btw, delights him.... can see my flatter gut already!).

Enjoyed the steam room several times, and stuck with my new healthy diet.  Might have bummed 5 smokes at the bar the entire week.  This E-Cigarette is "the bomb"!  Love it....

Hung out on the beach all week.... glorious.

Tropical Storm?  What tropical storm?

Check out the eye-contact from a couple of these fellas.

Would make a daily afternoon visit to visit Donn across the street, then back in the condo by 5 or 6 every afternoon.   Truly an enjoyable week.  Even broke the rules and fed my seagulls a few times.

Enjoyed the solitude!  As Seinfeld's Frank Costanza would say, "SERENITY NOW!!!!!"

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kitties in Boxes.... aka "time to clean windows"....

My Jada and Mimi.....  and a catalyst for cleaning my windows!

Dom's Latest Project.... an Addition to the Game Room

Hi gang....

While I was floundering on the beach, Dom had some action over here.  He built our "game room" about 5 (?) years ago.  It was absolutely pristine.  Bar, pool table, foos-ball, dart board, beer lights, Zappa posters, stereo, television, the works.

And then, along came Multiple Myeloma.

During my cleaning frenzy of our home, in which we've lived for 20+ years, I turned the house upside down.  As you who are familiar with MM know, the house needed to be sparkling clean upon his return from his stem cell transplant.

Much of our home ended up in the "game room".

Then, along came his new Corvette.  Rag Top.... didn't want the cats anywhere near it.  

Rearranged the "game room" to fit the Corvette.

Then, his mother passed away.... more corruption in the "game room".

It's a vicious cycle, gang!   LOL.

So.... Dom got a contractor buddy going on a new garage/junk room.  We shall soon have our game room back in good condition!  He's adding on to the original building.  They're moving the overhead door into the new building.  

Contractor, Daniel, will be putting in windows and moving the door tomorrow.... has to wait for the gables (??) to be finished.

I'll be posting updates on this entry for those of you who are interested.  (Kinda boy-stuff, if you ask me).  The Dom is tickled, thus I am, too!  (By the way..... doesn't Dominic look great???!!!)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Tropical Storm Lee and Labor Day at the Beach WEEK ONE

Hi gang!  Long time, no see!  Time to play a little catch-up.

All is great here.  Temps have dipped down into the 80's making it tolerable to putter around outside.  Dom and I are both feeling great and enjoying our new "health kick".

The last couple of weeks, Dom was a "groovy bachelor" here at home. He happily worked on a couple of new projects and enjoyed his solitude.

I ventured to PCB on the Wed. prior to Labor Day Weekend.  My dear Cajun girlfriend, Vickie, met me at the condo.  As usual, she loaded us up on goodies....  Speckled Trout, Mallards, Pheasants and Deer Sausage for the freezer. What a yummy treat.  She's an absolute doll and I love her dearly!

Much to our dismay,  TS Lee ruined MANY beach vacations.  There was a DOUBLE RED FLAG flying for 6 days straight, signifying that there would be NO SWIMMING whatsoever.  Anyone caught out too far would be ticketed by the police.  Apparently there were some strong rip-tides.

We witnessed one dope get pulled out of the water and rushed to the hospital.  Guess he didn't see the airplane flying back and forth all day with a big banner reading "STAY OUT OF THE GULF", nor the police cars and beach patrols with their bull horns.  A lifeguard told me that he was conscious when they finally took him away.

So, although it was generally sunny and BREEZY, there was no splashing.  Speaking of "breezy".... 70 MPH wind gusts knocked over Donn's big ice cooler outside.... while full of ice!  Anyway, I felt horrible for folks who planned Labor Day vacation and came into town to this after working and saving for a beach trip.

Note how the beach virtually disappeared during periods of LEE

As you can guess, Vickie and I had BIG FUN.  Tanned every day,  ate out alot, drank plenty of beer and spent alot of time with Donn and Tina across the street.  Also used our fitness room for the 1st time.... Vickie sprung for Swedish Massages.  I fell in love with our Steam Room.  Unfortunately for Dom and I, they are NOT co-ed. 

I felt compelled to take a photo of Vickie as she was ready to leave the condo.  This photo doesn't depict her monster cooler in the kitchen.  Boy, that gal LOVES to pack!   (All of that stuff was for a 7 night beach-bum vacation!  I still have nightmares about watching her pack for our week in Cancun a few years

As we were loading up her truck on the following Wednesday, the YELLOW FLAGS shot up, and the water settled down.  By Thursday, the water was gorgeous once again.