Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Caterpillars-  YUCK!  I hate them almost as much as centipedes and spiders!  (I'd rather come nose-to-nose with a snake than either of these!)

So, I was on the riding lawn mower on Friday, tearing things up.  Thankfully, Dom flagged me down and told me to stay away from an Azalea bush.  It was loaded with Caterpillars.  They make me cringe!

Years ago, while cutting, I brushed up against one of my blueberry bushes, causing an entire nest of them to drop on my head and shoulders.  I literally cried. I'm embarrassed to say that I grabbed some "industrial strength" insect killer and wiped out those remaining, as well as killed my blueberry bush!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dom's CONFUSING September Numbers.

Just got the call.  His numbers are jumping all over the place.  (My opinion, not the doctor's)

Some background:  For years, his M-SPIKE was ZERO.

Last summer, it jumped up to .3 and stayed there for almost a year. (blood work results)

6 months ago, it jumped up to .6  (blood work results)

3 months ago it was at .8  (blood work results)

At this point, Dr. Safah ordered a Bone Marrow Biopsy.  The reading was only 0.2 and were were all happy about this.

Fast forward to this month:

M-SPIKE 1.0  (blood work)

We have been going to a Slidell oncologist out of convenience, but have an appointment with Dr. Safah at TULANE in December.  I just don't know what to think about this.  The bone marrow biopsy is a more definitive test than blood work.

His LIGHT CHAINS are weird, too.

Normal levels of serum free light chains are:
• Kappa: 3.3–19.4 mg/L
• Lambda: 5.71–26.3 mg/L
• Kappa/lambda ratio: 0.26–1.65

His March numbers were:
*Kappa:  25.67
*Lambda:  28.00
*Ratio:  0.91

September found us at:
*Kappa:  12.8
*Lambda:  0.6
*Ratio:  2.12

I'd be delighted to get some feedback from you guys.  TIA.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Fun Three Weeks at the Beach

Just returned home from PCB yesterday.  Had a ball.

I decided to explore on the way to the condo.  Had read about "Morrison Springs" which is located about 45 miles North of PCB in Ponce De Leon.  Pretty, but not as nice as our Gulf.

Pal Patricia came in for Labor Day, Hurricane Hermine visited and ruined a lot of holiday plans for visitors.

They have a big 3 day "Gulf Coast Jam" every year.  It was cancelled because of the weather.  The bad storms came Fri, Sat and Sun.  Double Red Beach flags were flying.  NO SWIMMING!

Patricia and I enjoyed the crystal clear water and went to The Firefly one night.

Keith and Lauren came over last week for a couple of days and a night.  We enjoyed beach time and Happy Hour at The Liq across the street.

Although Hermine didn't affect us with storms, (Patricia and I waited for her in a hot tub with no luck)there was quite a tidal surge, and the water became muddy.

On my last night, I got a couple shots of the tide "rolling in".  I'd only seen that once before.

So..... back with my dear Dom for a week or two, then back to the beach!