Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Great Road Trip with Henry and Beth

Had a good week. Our patient is hanging in there..... although down to 34 inch waist blue him some Ensure to consume more calories. His shingles are still painful, but not nearly as bad as last week.

Saturday was a blast. I took a day trip with Henry and Beth. Have "known" these folks from a local food forum for a few years. When Dom and I moved here, they embraced us.... invited us to a Labor Day party, and then Saturday permitted ;) me to join them on their weekly roadtrip.

Henry picked me up at the ungodly hour of 7:30, and we headed to Laplace to pick up Beth. Headed across the lake- first stop Middendorf's restaurant to pet the bunnies, amuse ourselves with a strange rooster and say "hello" to one of the 2 resident alligators. They've got an Octoberfest happening now, and will most likely return to indulge.

Next stop was a short drive through part of the Global Wildlife Center. Saw some kangaroos, emus, giraffe, loads of deer and some elk (???). I'd like to return to the place. I could have sworn that offered overnite accomodations, but I see nothing on their website about it.

We went on a nature walk, visited a couple of old cemeteries, had lunch in Loranger at Tallo's, then went in search of "Singing Waterfall" in Tangipahoa Parish. Sadly, got rained out on the dirt road and turned around. On the way back, stopped at a neato area in Laplace, "Frenier". Unfortunately, Beth returned that night to one of the restaurants there later that evening and had a disappointing meal. Gorgeous location, right on the lake.

Came home quite mellow- so nice to have had such a relaxed/stress-free day! Chris came over for a couple of martinis.... one Pomegranate and one Mango. Good night, Irene! *smiling*

I spent a few hours at the pool with Carmella on Sunday. Got back to the apartment for my 3pm football game. HOW 'BOUT DEM SAINTS????!!!!! 3-0 Wowie Zowie. Nibbled on some great Green Onion Sausage stuffed Jalapenos wrapped in bacon.....a gift from Chris. Yummy!

Tuesday, headed to stupid Poplarville for the night. (Can y'all tell that I'm now officially a "METAIRIE GIRL"??? *smiling* Dom did manly-man stuff outside while I spent a couple hours on the phone with Dish Network's tech support. Had problems with BOTH receivers. How strange.

Swung by Dom's mom's house for a visit this morning. I ran over to the new walk-in clinic at Walgreens to see a nurse practitioner. Lovely man by the name of Joe Leblanc. Wrote me a scrip for Cipro ear drops....swimmer's ear. Glad to have done so.... ended up in the ER during a road trip about 5 years ago.... due to procrastination.

On the way home, we stopped at Martine's on Metairie Road for 2 beers. This was a milestone for our patient.... TWO beers. He's starting to finally taste them. Woo Hoo!

Off to Tulane tomorrow for a complete blood count, and then a matinee on Friday. As soon as I install some software in this contraption (lap top), I'll post some photos of our day on Saturday. Love to all.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Friday, Gang!

I can't believe that the weekend is upon us already. Man, this month is flying by.

Monday, Dom called Dr. Safah to report his shingles outbreak. She prescribed VALTREX, which I take when I have a cold sore outbreak. (herpes). I was surprised to learn that the Shingles virus is in the same family. She also offered to prescribe a pain killer. Tough guy said, "No".

Tuesday, Dom woke up in great pain. We had to go see Dr. Safah for bloodwork. He broke down and asked for pain killers. She prescribed Percoset.

When we got home he took a couple. In no time at all, he felt much better. Before bed, he took a couple more...... and he was up all night puking his brains out. No more pain killers for tough guy....doesn't want to take a chance with a different med. Honestly, we've been together for 25 years, and I don't think I've ever seen him vomit. (I've got a rotten stomach, and have gotten used to being a puke-face from time to time)

Wednesday, we went home to Poplarville. Very uneventful, as Dom was drained. Had a love-in with my kitties. Shot a warning shot at a coyote near the house. Spent the night. Very mellow day.

Thursday, stopped to do a little grocery shopping for his ma. Stopped by for a visit. She's 95. Her sister Lou is 93. All they do is fight. I find it amusing at times, but it gives Dom a headache. These shingles are making him grumpy. The two old broads were icing on the cake. It was a QUICK visit.

Today, had to head into Tulane for more bloodwork. As they were running late, I had to blow off lunch with Rae. Was hoping to hit the pool this afternoon, but weather is shitty. :(

Nothing really planned for the weekend. If our patient feels better, I'd like to join Beth and Henry for their weekly road trip tomorrow morning. We'll see.

Have a wonderful weekend, guys.

GO SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROLL TIDE, ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Latest Numbers....Creeping Up!

Don't understand how he ended up with Shingles again, but will find out next week:

Day +62 September 17, 2009

HCT 29.2
WBC 6.6
ANC 6,800

Got 2 hour drip of Magnesium and Potassium

Shingles have Returned

Hello gang-

We had a pretty good week.

Tuesday: I took off with Carmella for the Crescent City Farmer's Market and a delightful breakfast at The Camillia Grill. Fun, fun place. It was like eating breakfast with a room full of boisterous new friends. Must be a blast at night!

Returned home before noon and spent the day at the pool.

Wednesday: Dom and I caught an afternoon showing of Sorority Row. Not bad. Not great. Entertaining. I left the theatre with a burning question. "How in the hell did handsome Bruce Willis and gorgeous Demi Moore have a child so FUGLY as Rumer Willis???? Christ.... no wonder Perez Hilton calls her 'Potato Head'.

We pondered that question over a beer at The Rivershack. Hadn't been there in probably 15 or 20 years.... same fun joint that I remembered. We split an order of Buffalo Wings.... too soggy....going to crisp 'em up for the Saint's game today. Also some Kick-Ass fried mushrooms. Great.

Thursday: Off to see Dr. Safah. Numbers continue to shoot up. She's very pleased. We had a list of questions for her. "swim in apartment pool"? NO. "get back to raw veggies and fruit"? NO "attend a gun show" NO. "bush-hog 30 acres of pasture at home"? YES. She said that she knew that he needed to do 'man stuff'. This surprised myself and nurses. Delighted Dom. Stuck his tongue out at me.

Bloodwork showed that he needed both Potassium and Magnesium. So, into the infusion room for a 2 hour drip.

Also thought that his blood was too thick. Increased Coumadin from 2mg to 5mg. Back on Wednesday for a quick blood check.

Finally got out of there around 4pm and headed to stupid Poplarville for what turned out to be a productive visit.

Friday: Dom sprung out of bed and headed into town. Took care of insurance stuff, the mail and got his license plate tag for the Corvette. Get this, gang....... because he is "100% Disabled" through the VA, he got his $700 tag for only ONE DOLLAR. That made him feel like a million bucks! Hopped on his tractor and was in his glory.

Meanwhile, his caregiver was cleaning the house like a white tornado..... I'm still aching days later.

Saturday: Our patient sprung out of bed at the ungodly hour of 7am. We loaded up the car and stopped to see Richard, Skeet and Pat at the L&C. Had one beer each. Beer STILL doesn't taste good to Dom.

Headed home (Metairie), watched half of my Crimson Tide game, then headed to the pool. When I returned, Dom complained about his right underarm.... shooting pains and aches

Today Sunday: Woke up to find full-blown Shingles on the right side of his arm/torso. His first bout with Shingles about 18 months ago was as a result of his lowered immune system as a result of his cancer. He was diagnosed with MM shortly afterwards. Will call Tulane tomorrow and see if there's anything they can do for him.

Looking forward to the Saints game at noon, and catching up on phone calls.

Love you guys. XOXO

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Fun Labor Day and a Busy Week....All is Well

Hi gang-

Firstly, let me say that our patient is doing well. He's been walking to pick up a newspaper...1/2 mile round trip. It takes alot out of him, but he's getting stronger day by day.

We had a super busy week.

MONDAY Labor Day: We were invited to a party....about 2 miles away from the apartment. I was tickled to meet the folks who I've known on the internet for many years! The party was in Old Metairie.... at Mr. Lake's home. Gorgeous place, delightful people. We only stayed for an hour, but it was great to meet the gang and get Dom out of the house for a little while. Had 2 beers and nibbled on cracklins from Lafayette. Yummy!

TUESDAY: I've got a new buddy at our pool.... Carmella. We went to the Crescent City Farmer's Market uptown, then did some serious shopping on Magazine Street. Bought four pairs of shoes, (this from a broad who "doesn't get into shoes") and a kick ass beach bag....loud shiny silver.... found a pair of sandals to match. Afterwards, we had lunch at an Indian joint, NIRVANA. Good stuff.

WEDNESDAY: We went to Elmwood to see an afternoon showing of "The Final Destination". This is the 4th in the series.... by far, the bloodiest and most fun! They had it also showing in 3-D, but we opted for the regular show. Afterwards, we went to Oscar's for an Oscarletta. Had plenty to take home.

THURSDAY: Headed to Poplarville to check on my kitties. They're doing well, but miss me terribly. Then drove to Slidell to visit Dom's ma. Then home to Metairie. Alot of driving....quite the drag. This week Dom wants to spend the night on Friday. This means that Nanette will have to vacuum, dust, sanitize, etc. She's not looking forward to it. She misses the times that she'd spend the night there by herself..... smoking cigs, drinking beer and watching DVRd episodes of my guilty pleasures! (Weeds, True Blood, The Office, Entourage).

FRIDAY: I followed Carmella to her beauty shop and had my hair cut and colored. Finally. Long, long overdue. She did a wonderful job.... we're both enjoying our new friendship.

SATURDAY: Bored out of my mind. Rain, rain, rain. Best LA friend, "Lovely Linda" headed up North with the love of her life. I miss her already.

SUNDAY: Watched football.

It has been raining almost everyday for a week. I'm growing quite weary of the clouds and rain. Haven't been in the pool for a week. What tan I had is quickly disappearing. With any luck, I'll get a chance to soak up some sun this afternoon. Dom could really use some sun, too. He looks like he has prison pallor. Looking out the window as I type this.... skies have suddenly turned black. *sighing*

We have a Thursday afternoon appointment with Dr. Safah. Looking forward to another good report from her!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Probably our best week EVER!

We had a phenomenal week, gang.

Went out on our first "date" since the transplant. Tuesday afternoon, we went to a matinee showing of Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN 2. Wonderful flick...more blood and violence than John Carpenter could have dreamed of! There were only about 8 of us in the theatre.... no mask needed. Very enjoyable.

Afterwards, we had another milestone.... went out for a pizza at Venezia's in Harahan. Honestly, I was grinning from ear to ear all day.

Thursday was our appointment with Dr. Safah. She's extremely happy with Dom's blood counts. Said he's THIS-CLOSE to being "normal"..... it'll take another year for his energy to be 100%, but he's doing "GREAT". Told him that he should be happy. Music to our ears.

She went on to say that she didn't need to see him again for TWO WEEKS.

He needed a 2 hour drip of Magnesium again. No big deal....that'll come back in time.

Also got the go-ahead for him to order a Muffaletta sandwich.... Italian meats, cheese and olive salad on round Italian Bread. (Until now the olive salad was a no-no..... he's been extremely restricted on his food consumption.... no fresh fruits, vegetables, etc.)

Feeling a boost of confidence, I then asked if he could swim in our apartment pool or the Gulf of Mexico..... "NO!!!!!!!!" (Give Nan an inch and she'll take a mile) *smiling*

Went to P'ville on Friday to check on the kitties. Still fat and sassy. Richard McM came over for a couple of hours.... had a nice visit. He's been mowing our lawn since July. He's going to bushhog the entire property in a couple of weeks..... he's concerned about hunting season and drunken rednecks..... thus, he wants the place looking spiffy. How we love that guy!

Stopped in Slidell on the way home to visit Dom's ma and aunt. Brought ma a big-ass watermelon.....Listened to them argue for about an hour, then got outta there.

So, gang.... it's been a SUPER POSITIVE WEEK for Dom and I. Again, we thank everyone for their prayers and good thoughts.... you've worked wonders!!!!!!

Have a great holiday weekend..... we love you!