Thursday, January 27, 2011

COMPLETE REMISSION 18 Months Post Transplant!!!

Got the call a short while ago.... Dom continues to show a "Complete Response" to his treatment.  Wowie Zowie.... cried for a couple of seconds, then got a real shit-eating grin on my face that refuses to change!

Wendy and Nan at the Beach

Wendy and I just got back from the condo on Tuesday.  We took advantage of the 5 nights that she had off to blow out of town.

PCB is gearing up for Spring Break.  The local businesses have begun getting notifications of when the colleges have off and how many students TOTAL will be on vacation. They don't know how many of those students have chosen PCB as their destination yet.

But, as for now, the town is deserted other than "Snow Birds", many of whom are Canadian.

Wendy and I found ourselves BOWLING 3 days in a row.  Big fun.  We'd grab a beer, put on our bowling shoes, look at each other and say, "WE'RE BOWLERS!!!!!!".   Who'da thunk it?  Not us thirty years ago!

So, basically bounced between the bowling alley and our bar right across the street.  It's actually the Beach Package Store, but Donn turned it into a neat "local" hangout.  Delightful place and a delightful crowd.  Here's some pics:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dom's Most Recent Numbers.... Looking Good!

Hi Gang-

Our patient is doing well.  We SHOULD get his M-Spike results today....  Cross your fingers for us!


WBC:   6.0
HCT:   36.7
ANC:   4000

He's still going to Physical Therapy 3 days per week and not too thrilled with the results, thus far.  CT Scan showed basic degenerative stuff....collapsed discs, bulging discs, etc.  As painful as it is, it was "good news".

Will post M-Spike when I get the call.  Hope all is well with you guys!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Final pics.... how about some adults for a change?!

Ric, Jen and Dom

Ric, Dom, Richard's Dad and Richard  (Jennifer's husband)

Ric and Richard

Tony (Jill's husband) and Ryan


"Come on Uncle Tony.....fill 'er up!  Aunt Nan is the only one who can see us and she won't tell!
Richard taking a much earned break

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Pied Piper

Well.... Dom was quite the hit with the kids.  They were absolutely in love with him... especially the girls.  We really couldn't figure it out, as Dom wasn't very expressive (??) with them..... didn't fuss like I did.... just kind of hung out.  I've determined that toddlers are like dogs... they can sense if someone is a "good person".  It was quite hysterical.

A couple of Brooke stories....  she was sitting in her grandad's lap.... Ric asked her "who loved her".  She answered "you, grandad".  Then he asked her who she loved.  She answered, "Uncle Dominic".

A few days later, I asked her, "Who's your favorite Aunt?".  She pointed across the room at him and said, "He Is!"

Lauren fell asleep in his arms on Christmas Eve.  Really cute.  Everytime that she'd call, Ric would answer his phone... "Hi Grandad!  Is Uncle Dom there?  I want to talk to him".  (Jennifer found her pretending to be talking to "Uncle Dominic" on the phone the other day.)

The last picture of Blake was taken as he was looking at Dominic, seemingly mesmerized.  Too funny!

Very cute.... but got a little old with Aunt Nan and Grandad after a week of it.  Our noses got a bit out of joint!

Cincinnati, Ohio Family

Ryan 5, Lauren 4, Brooke 3, Blake 2

Jennifer...mother of Lauren and Blake

Jill....mother of Ryan and Brooke

Brother Ric-  patriarch of the Wittine klan
This is my family-  Brother Ric, his daughters Jennifer and Jill and their 4 children.  I was in absolute heaven, able to spend 16 days with them.  Dom drove up for a week during that period.  We had a wonderful time.

Much Catching-Up to do

Hi gang-

Thought I'd check in with you guys.  All is well here. 

Since the last post, Dom has been attending Physical Therapy 3 days per week, and has had a CT Scan done on his back.  Got the results today.  In a nutshell.... he's a mess.  Bulging discs, collapsed discs, nerve problems, muscle problems.  Apparently, nothing to do about it, other than strengthening his back through PT.

Dom bought himself a new 2011 Chevy Silverado on Saturday.  All sorts of kewl bells and whistles.

Our beloved Saints were knocked out of the playoffs on Saturday.  We got clobbered by the Seattle Seahawks... they played some wonderful football.  I'm going to be pulling for them in the weeks to come.  Oh yeah....I love their uniforms!

Heading to Tulane on Thursday.  M SPIKE test.  Yahoo!

In following posts, I'm going to bore you to death with Christmas pictures... thought I'd warn you in advance!  

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy 2K Eleven, Gang!

                                                   HAPPY NEW YEAR...............

Hi Gang!  Hope this post finds all of you happy and healthy with memories of a wonderful Christmas season.

All is OK here.  I flew up to Cincinnati, OH for 16 days over the holidays.  Dom drove up for a week.  We had a very pleasant time with family and best friend, Amy, who drove down with her 2 gals for a couple of nights.

Dom picked me up at our NOLA airport on Sunday morning.  Talk about culture shock-  reality has kicked in.... cooking, cleaning, laundry, yechhhh!  (Actually, I love my life... wouldn't want to change a thing!)

Both of us picked up some type of upper respiratory infection while up North.  So, off we headed to Dr. C. in Slidell on Tuesday.  He loaded us up with antibiotics and some cough suppressant for Dominic.  I'm a few days ahead of Dom's symptoms... almost like new again.

Dom's back has been killing him for the past couple of months.  When one is in remission from Multiple Myeloma, any ache is suspect... and frightening.  Doc determined the pain to be muscular, rather than skeletal.  But ordered a scan for Friday, just to be certain.  Meanwhile, wrote Dom a prescription for a pain killer and orders for Physical Therapy for a month.  In fact, he just took off a few minutes ago for his first session at a joint in Bogalusa.

I'm guessing that after a couple of visits, he'll quit going and do the exercises at home.

So, gang.... we have hit the ground running.   Other than Friday's scan, our big thing will be our 3 month check-up with Dr. Safah.... and an M-Spike test to confirm Dom's complete remission 18 months post transplant.  (Geez, how time flies!).