Sunday, October 26, 2008

Feeling Melancholy

Hey, gang-

Feeling a little "blue".  

Christine and Michael blew out of here at 11 am.  Honestly, the entire week I  was thinking , "WOW!  What a happy family!  I don't want you guys to leave!".

But, alas, off they went.

Michael knocked my socks off-  What a FUN reunion!...... after all of these (15?) years.....  articulate, handsome, and WOWIE ZOWIE, he can make his old evil step-mom killer Lattes!  It was an absolute pleasure to have our Michael "home" again.  

(I happily turned him on to exotic martinis, so it's "ALL GOOD".)   

Christine is still my "Party Girl"..... Christ, she's a horrid influence on me!   I can't/won't tell you of "martini fun" that we had---- both at home--- and in the French Quarter....she's an evil woman.... love the kid!

Anyway, they took off today.  We tried desperately to watch our Saints playing in London... the phone rang off the hook, causing us to "pause" our DVR.

Much to our delight, a dear friend called us-

Allow me to introduce to you LEVI BARON-

We had the pleasure of spending the day with the guy a couple of years ago.  He's a tour guide in the beautiful island of Dominica.

Levi knocked our socks off as a tour guide.

He's continued knocking us out by calling Dominic every couple of weeks to check on him.

Have you ever felt an immediate connection to a stranger?

If so, you'll understand that it's a WONDERFUL feeling..... that's how we see this dude....

That's the vibe that we shared with my handsome Levi....  With any luck, his face will appear on this post.

LEVI-  we love you dearly, honey.  Thank you for the phone calls and nice wishes!

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