Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Last Thursday

OK- let me catch up with y'all.....

Last Thursday was our "big day". Went to the Tulane Cancer Center for bloodwork. Dom's been on the Thalidomide treatment for 4 months..... this is the first time that they're testing it. We have an appt. with Dr. Safah THIS Thursday. Christ, we want this to be OVER. Kill these plasma cells, do the transplant, and return to normalcy. Dominic is TIRED.

We were in and out of Tulane in a half an hour..... then shot across Rampart to the Port of Call. Had a fabulous lunch. Got it out of my system, now that Dom's been there. I'll be OK until we have an out of town visitor...... or family member..... CHRISTINE!!!!!!!!!!!!! MONSOONS for us! *grinning*

Left there and spent a couple of hours at the nursing home. Wheeled ma around, checked out the "neighborhood", what's there to say about a nursing facility. It's a drag, and I wish they'd get her strong enough to go home.

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