Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Saints 7-0, Cousin Joe's Visit, Road Trip

We've had a fun couple of days. Dom's cuz Joe came over on Sunday for a couple of nights.... drove in from Pensacola. On Sunday afternoon, we went to the Rivershack and pigged out. Two dollar mimosas and five dollar bloody marys. We did a mix-match of deli sandwiches and alligator sausage. Good stuff. Love that place!

Monday morning, we took off on a road trip up and down River Road. Thought y'all would like to see a couple of photos of our Dom.... his appetite has come back, and I'm trying to fatten him up....stopped at a little joint on the way back yesterday.... bars on windows, 2 black gals working. The boys FEASTED. Red beans and rice with chunks of smoked sausage and ham, cornbread, salad, and the biggest breaded and fried pork chop you ever did see! I SHOULD have taken a picture. I might have to drag Dom in there once a week for calories! The 3 of us went to the Cajun Grill and Bar for dinner.... sloppy dressed roast beef po-boys and dollar cans of beer. Then, hunkered down to watch the Saints clobber the Atlanta Dirty Birds. SEVEN WINS....no losses. Unreal!


Christine said...

Wow look at all that facial hair!! I'm sure you're ready for him to go back to the 'stache, but I bet he loves having hair again!

Anonymous said...

I am thankful to see and read that your husband is responding well to the treatments. May you both be blessed with his full recovery in the new year.