Friday, September 10, 2010

Dom's August and September Numbers

 Headed to Tulane yesterday for monthly infusion of Zometa along with round 2 of his childhood immunizations.

Dom's bloodwork is looking GOOD!

AUGUST:   HCT:  33.4
                 WBC:   4.7
                 ANC:  3400
                 PLATELET:  194

                  HCT:  34.2
                  WBC:  4.7
                  ANC:  2800
                  PLATELET:  190

Downtown New Orleans was electrified yesterday....Besides the season opener hosted by the Saints, there was a "Welcome Home Saints" parade in the French Quarter.  You could feel the energy in the air.  Too cool. 

We headed home late afternoon, watched the Saints win........WHO DAT!!!  Drank beer and Dom made his killer Buffalo Wings.  A great day.  Pierre Thomas must be on cloud nine today... the dude really came alive in the 2nd half!

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