Friday, November 12, 2010

Dom's Eyes Have Improved Post Transplant!

Hi gang-  It was another busy couple of days at Tulane.  Had a mid morning appointment on Wed., then headed over to Chris' house to spend the night.  (This saved us about 150 miles round-trip the next day).  We had a pleasant visit, drank a little bit of beer, watched Survivor and ate some Red Beans and Rice with Rouse's hot sausage on the side....good stuff.

The both of us had a Thursday morning appointment with a Tulane Ophthalmologist, Dr. Peter Kastl.  (Who quickly turned into ANOTHER favorite doctor!)  Dom had been claiming that his eyesight had drastically changed since his Stem Cell Transplant, hasn't been wearing his glasses, and wanted a check up.

My mother had suffered from (was blinded by)  Macular Degeneration.  In recent years, I've noticed floaters, light flashes and an occasional gray spot in my line of vision.  So, thought it would be a good idea to have my own eyes checked.

It was pleasant.  They took us in the same room.... like a buddy-system.  After a normal eye test, they dilated my eyes, shot some flashes into my eyes and took pictures of what was going on BEHIND my eyes.  Thankfully, NOTHING.  No leakage.  No sign of Macular.  No problem.

When checking for glaucoma, my pressure was a little high.  Normal is 13-20.  I'm at 22.  He isn't terribly concerned, but going to keep an eye on it.  Pun Pun 

He gave me a prescription for a pair of glasses that I probably won't get... think I'm about 25/25.... as long as I can pass my eye exam when I renew my drivers license, I'm happy.

As far as Dom goes, the rascal was correct!  His vision is about 20/25.  Has no need for glasses.... gave him a mild prescription, too.  We're headed to the Biloxi VA Hospital for an appointment on Monday.  If they give us the glasses free, we'll take 'em.  Otherwise, we'll be happy with our 15 pairs of reading glasses that are in every room of the house and condo!  LOL

Dr. Kastl did notice a "thinning" of Dom's retina.  He said that if Dom starts seeing flashes and stubborn floaters, to make an appointment.  Otherwise, he'd see us in a year.  Nice, nice guy... loved him and his staff.  Have I ever mentioned how crazy I am about TULANE?

When we left Kastl's office, we walked over to the Cancer Center for Dom's monthly infusion of Zometa.  That went smoothly.  We are now finished with TULANE for 4 weeks.  Hotcha.

Good looking numbers yesterday:

November 11th, 2010 :

HCT   32.8
WBC   5.4
ANC   3100

When we finally got out of there we headed home.  Stopped at the Applebee's in Slidell for their free Veterans Day dinner.  Dom had a huge plate of Panko breaded fried shrimp.  We paid for my bacon cheeseburger.  I was very impressed with the experience.  I can guarantee you that the next time it's a toss-up between Applebees or a competitor, I'll be spending my money with Applebee's.  Excellent public relations...  The place was mobbed, they gave away alot of free food, but I guarantee they made alot of money and earned alot of respect.

That's about it, gang.  Looking forward to college football tomorrow (ROLL TIDE!!!).  There's no Saints game on Sunday, so I'll be cooking some teal given to me from my Cajun pal, Vickie.... gonna smother it like they do in Breaux Bridge.

Have a delightful weekend, friends and family!   

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