Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pablo, Paloma and Their Child, Scruffy

Hi guys...  wanted to share something amusing with you.  We have a family of possums living in our wood pile.  (Much to Dom's displeasure).  These guys LOVE catfood.

The female, Paloma, hangs out with the cats during the daylight hours.  I speak softly to her, and she has no fear of me any more.  She intensely watches me interact with my cats, petting and "kootchi koooing" them.  She knows I'm no threat.

Pablo and their little one, "Scruffy"  (man, is he!) come out at sundown, and aren't nearly as comfortable around people.

I figured that if I named them, Dom won't shoot them.  I catch him swinging a broom near them every once and awhile!  I keep telling him that they're "God's Little Creatures". 

Pablo and Paloma Possum

Paloma with her Ham Bone


Paloma in the Foreground and Pablo in the Back
I make sure that they're well fed.  I rewarded Paloma with a ham bone last week!

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Sandy said...

We can learn a lot from our animal 'friends,' and I'm glad that Dom is letting them come to visit...