Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back to the Beach Week 2- SERENITY NOW!

Hi gang....

A quick report on Week 2 at the beach.  I was originally going to come back home a day or 2 later than Vickie, but I felt cheated.  Whined to Dom over the phone that the water was gorgeous, had gotten plenty of sun but no swimming time.  "Nanette.... I don't give a shit.... stay another week if you want".    (He didn't have to tell me twice... yippee!   Man, I've got a great husband!)

Went down to our exercise room every morning and worked out on my abs and hips.  Told Dom that he's gonna have a "hard-belly" for an old lady!  (This, btw, delights him.... can see my flatter gut already!).

Enjoyed the steam room several times, and stuck with my new healthy diet.  Might have bummed 5 smokes at the bar the entire week.  This E-Cigarette is "the bomb"!  Love it....

Hung out on the beach all week.... glorious.

Tropical Storm?  What tropical storm?

Check out the eye-contact from a couple of these fellas.

Would make a daily afternoon visit to visit Donn across the street, then back in the condo by 5 or 6 every afternoon.   Truly an enjoyable week.  Even broke the rules and fed my seagulls a few times.

Enjoyed the solitude!  As Seinfeld's Frank Costanza would say, "SERENITY NOW!!!!!"

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