Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Our Animal Kingdom

Dom and I have lived here in extremely rural Southern Mississippi for close to 30 years.

We've always had a dog or two.

When he was diagnosed with cancer, our pal "Miss Trouble" passed away of old age.  (It's as though she knew what was going on).

The 2 of us moved to Metairie, LA for 6 months to be close to the Tulane Cancer Center.

When Dom went into complete remission, we bought the condo in Panama City Beach.  Haven't had a puppy since. Caring for a dog no longer fits our lifestyle.

NOW, we have families of deer and raccoon!

Mamma "Rochelle" brings her 3 little ones to feast daily.  I've been making them cornbread and sweet potatoes. All but the runt will eat out of my hands.  She's getting closer and closer.

We've got a few more raccoon, but they're not so friendly....just hungry!

Dom woke me up yesterday morning to see 6 deer eating corn right outside the door.  Unreal.

So, as much as we miss having dogs, this is a fun change!

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