Thursday, April 12, 2018

Look, See the Farm!

The publisher was kind enough to send me this book.  As soon as I received it, I gave it to my best friend.  She read it to her 5-year-old granddaughter.  The child was absolutely MESMERIZED.  Wendy tells me that this book is "PRECIOUS".

It's adorably illustrated, hardback and well written.

Look, See the Farm!

Look, See the Farm! is the heartwarming story of two sisters visiting their grandparents’ organic farm during each of the four seasons, discovering the many interesting creatures that make the farm their home. Young readers will gain a look at farm life and the animals living on the farm, as well as discovering the wild birds that thrive there.

Look, See the Farm! teaches children about connecting with nature, as they join Kelsey and Avery in learning about local birds and their habits. Beautifully illustrated, with a universal message and an enduring appeal, let this exciting journey be the start of a newfound appreciation for nature’s beauty!

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