Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cause for a bit of laughter- bone marrow biopsy-

Well, of all things to be giggling about, Dom and I have been snickering over his biopsy yesterday.

He'd originally had one done at our hospital in Slidell, LA. It was quite the "big deal". Dom's Oncologist, a couple of nurses, sterile environment, glass enclosed cubicle, masks, gloves, robes.... like something out of television- I was banished to a waiting area.

Flash forward a few weeks to the Tulane Cancer Center in New Orleans yesterday:

Dom's knock-out doctor had her nurse make a phone call to get the "biopsy guy" down to our examing room. Guys... this is an ordinary, run of the mill, examining room.

Our charming technician came down, introduced himself and said that he was going to be the one performing the biopsy..... in THAT himself.

So, I shook his hand, kissed Dom and excused myself from the examining room.

Mr. Charming said, "Hey! You don't have to leave! Wouldn't you like to see this???".

Oh boy, oh boy! What a fun guy!

So, poor Dom is laying on his stomach while this guy is prepping his rear end with some type of sterile soap. I was sitting in one of the chairs off to the side.

My new friend urged me to stand across from him so I could watch everything.

Oh boy, oh boy! What fun!

He was explaining everything to Dom..... what he was about to do, what he'd feel, etc. He suggested that Dom breath deeply out of his mouth.

At that point, the guy looked at ME and said, "Are you ready?". Dominic replied, "Yes".

The guy said, "I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to your wife!".

I thought that was hysterical. Dom wasn't too amused at the time, but can now see the humor in it!

Wanted to share that chuckle with you guys-


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