Sunday, October 5, 2008

Property Improvement This Weekend

Hi Gang-

Dom hired a local guy to work on the property yesterday. He brought over a bulldozer and a tractor with a real neat cutting blade.

He spent a couple of hours ditching and leveling our driveway. We live 3/4 mile off of the road- back in the woods.

Then, the tractor guy cut around our pond. What an improvement! I've posted "BEFORE" and "AFTER" pictures to show the nice work they've done.

Can't tell you about the driveway, as I've not left the house in a few days!

On health-related news: The VA Hospital informed Dom that his PSA level was elevated to
8.3. This is nothing new......he's had an enlarged prostate in the past, but the timing sure blows.

VA Nurse wants him to go to an emergency room sometime in the next 24 hours.

FORGET IT. That will get yet ANOTHER doctor involved, not to mention his urologist. It's getting to be overwhelming.

I'm going to leave "URGENT" messages with both Dr. Safah at Tulane Cancer Center and her nurse, Amy. I'd rather that they call the shots. Too many medical personnel are getting involved in this.

So.... once again, we're experiencing a roller coaster ride.

Hope all is well with you, our dear family and friends! Happy Sunday!


RailCon Cleveland,Ohio Area Conrail Employees said...

Dom, It's amazing what a BRUSHHOG can do in a few hours! Lor

Dom and Nan said...

You sound like a Yankee Queer, Lor- You ain't from around here, are you, boy? *grinning to hear from you, dude*

WE BUSH-HOG in these parts!

RailCon Cleveland,Ohio Area Conrail Employees said...

Dom and Nan,

We're thinking of you. Have a great Thanksgiving. Lor and Lori