Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Friday, Gang!

I can't believe that the weekend is upon us already. Man, this month is flying by.

Monday, Dom called Dr. Safah to report his shingles outbreak. She prescribed VALTREX, which I take when I have a cold sore outbreak. (herpes). I was surprised to learn that the Shingles virus is in the same family. She also offered to prescribe a pain killer. Tough guy said, "No".

Tuesday, Dom woke up in great pain. We had to go see Dr. Safah for bloodwork. He broke down and asked for pain killers. She prescribed Percoset.

When we got home he took a couple. In no time at all, he felt much better. Before bed, he took a couple more...... and he was up all night puking his brains out. No more pain killers for tough guy....doesn't want to take a chance with a different med. Honestly, we've been together for 25 years, and I don't think I've ever seen him vomit. (I've got a rotten stomach, and have gotten used to being a puke-face from time to time)

Wednesday, we went home to Poplarville. Very uneventful, as Dom was drained. Had a love-in with my kitties. Shot a warning shot at a coyote near the house. Spent the night. Very mellow day.

Thursday, stopped to do a little grocery shopping for his ma. Stopped by for a visit. She's 95. Her sister Lou is 93. All they do is fight. I find it amusing at times, but it gives Dom a headache. These shingles are making him grumpy. The two old broads were icing on the cake. It was a QUICK visit.

Today, had to head into Tulane for more bloodwork. As they were running late, I had to blow off lunch with Rae. Was hoping to hit the pool this afternoon, but weather is shitty. :(

Nothing really planned for the weekend. If our patient feels better, I'd like to join Beth and Henry for their weekly road trip tomorrow morning. We'll see.

Have a wonderful weekend, guys.

GO SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROLL TIDE, ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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