Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shingles have Returned

Hello gang-

We had a pretty good week.

Tuesday: I took off with Carmella for the Crescent City Farmer's Market and a delightful breakfast at The Camillia Grill. Fun, fun place. It was like eating breakfast with a room full of boisterous new friends. Must be a blast at night!

Returned home before noon and spent the day at the pool.

Wednesday: Dom and I caught an afternoon showing of Sorority Row. Not bad. Not great. Entertaining. I left the theatre with a burning question. "How in the hell did handsome Bruce Willis and gorgeous Demi Moore have a child so FUGLY as Rumer Willis???? Christ.... no wonder Perez Hilton calls her 'Potato Head'.

We pondered that question over a beer at The Rivershack. Hadn't been there in probably 15 or 20 years.... same fun joint that I remembered. We split an order of Buffalo Wings.... too soggy....going to crisp 'em up for the Saint's game today. Also some Kick-Ass fried mushrooms. Great.

Thursday: Off to see Dr. Safah. Numbers continue to shoot up. She's very pleased. We had a list of questions for her. "swim in apartment pool"? NO. "get back to raw veggies and fruit"? NO "attend a gun show" NO. "bush-hog 30 acres of pasture at home"? YES. She said that she knew that he needed to do 'man stuff'. This surprised myself and nurses. Delighted Dom. Stuck his tongue out at me.

Bloodwork showed that he needed both Potassium and Magnesium. So, into the infusion room for a 2 hour drip.

Also thought that his blood was too thick. Increased Coumadin from 2mg to 5mg. Back on Wednesday for a quick blood check.

Finally got out of there around 4pm and headed to stupid Poplarville for what turned out to be a productive visit.

Friday: Dom sprung out of bed and headed into town. Took care of insurance stuff, the mail and got his license plate tag for the Corvette. Get this, gang....... because he is "100% Disabled" through the VA, he got his $700 tag for only ONE DOLLAR. That made him feel like a million bucks! Hopped on his tractor and was in his glory.

Meanwhile, his caregiver was cleaning the house like a white tornado..... I'm still aching days later.

Saturday: Our patient sprung out of bed at the ungodly hour of 7am. We loaded up the car and stopped to see Richard, Skeet and Pat at the L&C. Had one beer each. Beer STILL doesn't taste good to Dom.

Headed home (Metairie), watched half of my Crimson Tide game, then headed to the pool. When I returned, Dom complained about his right underarm.... shooting pains and aches

Today Sunday: Woke up to find full-blown Shingles on the right side of his arm/torso. His first bout with Shingles about 18 months ago was as a result of his lowered immune system as a result of his cancer. He was diagnosed with MM shortly afterwards. Will call Tulane tomorrow and see if there's anything they can do for him.

Looking forward to the Saints game at noon, and catching up on phone calls.

Love you guys. XOXO

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