Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy 2K Eleven, Gang!

                                                   HAPPY NEW YEAR...............

Hi Gang!  Hope this post finds all of you happy and healthy with memories of a wonderful Christmas season.

All is OK here.  I flew up to Cincinnati, OH for 16 days over the holidays.  Dom drove up for a week.  We had a very pleasant time with family and best friend, Amy, who drove down with her 2 gals for a couple of nights.

Dom picked me up at our NOLA airport on Sunday morning.  Talk about culture shock-  reality has kicked in.... cooking, cleaning, laundry, yechhhh!  (Actually, I love my life... wouldn't want to change a thing!)

Both of us picked up some type of upper respiratory infection while up North.  So, off we headed to Dr. C. in Slidell on Tuesday.  He loaded us up with antibiotics and some cough suppressant for Dominic.  I'm a few days ahead of Dom's symptoms... almost like new again.

Dom's back has been killing him for the past couple of months.  When one is in remission from Multiple Myeloma, any ache is suspect... and frightening.  Doc determined the pain to be muscular, rather than skeletal.  But ordered a scan for Friday, just to be certain.  Meanwhile, wrote Dom a prescription for a pain killer and orders for Physical Therapy for a month.  In fact, he just took off a few minutes ago for his first session at a joint in Bogalusa.

I'm guessing that after a couple of visits, he'll quit going and do the exercises at home.

So, gang.... we have hit the ground running.   Other than Friday's scan, our big thing will be our 3 month check-up with Dr. Safah.... and an M-Spike test to confirm Dom's complete remission 18 months post transplant.  (Geez, how time flies!).

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