Monday, January 10, 2011

Much Catching-Up to do

Hi gang-

Thought I'd check in with you guys.  All is well here. 

Since the last post, Dom has been attending Physical Therapy 3 days per week, and has had a CT Scan done on his back.  Got the results today.  In a nutshell.... he's a mess.  Bulging discs, collapsed discs, nerve problems, muscle problems.  Apparently, nothing to do about it, other than strengthening his back through PT.

Dom bought himself a new 2011 Chevy Silverado on Saturday.  All sorts of kewl bells and whistles.

Our beloved Saints were knocked out of the playoffs on Saturday.  We got clobbered by the Seattle Seahawks... they played some wonderful football.  I'm going to be pulling for them in the weeks to come.  Oh yeah....I love their uniforms!

Heading to Tulane on Thursday.  M SPIKE test.  Yahoo!

In following posts, I'm going to bore you to death with Christmas pictures... thought I'd warn you in advance!  

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