Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dom's New Project- His '72 Corvette

Well, I can't seem to slow this guy down.  (And couldn't be any happier that he's feeling so well!)

Dom has a '72 Corvette that he loved.  About 6 years ago, a lightning strike caused a fire in his barn.  (shown in the distance of one of these pictures).  The insurance company declared this car a "Total Loss", and allowed Dom to buy it back from them.

He rubbed out most of the smoke damage himself.  The rag-top wasn't damaged, thankfully. He tried working on his brakes numerous times.  Even trailered it to a local mechanic.  He couldn't do anything, either.

Now that he's got his new garage, he moved it up here.  Presently talking to a guy who's showing interest in coming over on weekends to work on it.  (brakes, headlights, etc.)

Was hoping this would be my car, but nope.  Once it's fixed, getting that car will be MY NEW PROJECT!

(Looks like I need to fix the date on his camera!)

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