Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October on the Beach with Joe and Ping

Hi Gang-

Hope this post finds everyone healthy and happy.  We've been home for 1 day, and Dom's sinuses are acting up again.  He felt great in Florida.  *sighing*

We headed to PCB on Wednesday morning.  Our first stop was Smokin' Vapor for my liquid nicotine, then on to Pier Park and a Cowboy Burger at Tootsie's .  Great stuff!

Spent some time across the street with Travis, who is now managing the joint.  (Donn has moved on to bigger and better things.)

We hit our fitness room every morning.  Much to my delight, Dom is enjoying it.  I'm becoming quite fond of the steam room after working out.

On Thursday, Happy hour at Coytoe Ugly was fun, but the bartenders weren't very pleasant.  I miss the summer crew.

Ate at Dee's Hangout afterwards  His food is absolutely incredible.  Dom had his usual.... an over-loaded shrimp po-boy.  I had a dozen jalapeno/cheese baked oysters.  Hit the spot with their dollar pint draft beers!

Spent alot of time on the beach.  The water was gorgeous, but a little chilly.

Dom's cousin Joe and his wife joined us on Saturday.  Ping cooked us her signature noodle dish with chicken and soy "Italian Sausage".  Great stuff.  Hung out playing on the beach all day with them, then ventured across the street where Tina was working...  had big fun.

They left on Sunday morning after our work-out.  I spent a little time at the beach, then we settled in for a DISMAL Saints game.  Horrid.  Absolutely horrid.

Hit the road at 9am yesterday, and arrived home 5 hours later.

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