Thursday, May 3, 2012

Shootin', Fishin', Swimmin' and Doctorin'

Hi gang-

Just a quick hello and some photos today.  This month is becoming slightly overwhelming.  During these first 3 weeks of May, we have SIX separate doctor appointments-  The most important being his 3 month M-SPIKE blood work.  July will be 3 years of complete response/remission from the stem cell transplant. 

Thankfully/hopefully, we'll be free to play for another 3 months once we knock these obligatory doctor appointments out of the way.  Dom looks and feels great.  These doctor visit should be a breeze.  As frustrating as it is to have so many check ups, we're very thankful to our thorough Dr. Culasso.... he's the one who saved Dom's life because of his insistence of regular blood work.  We adore that man!

Did some target shooting last week.  Dominic likes me to practice every once and awhile... wants to make certain that I'm comfortable shooting my .38 Special.  As the pictures will reflect, I'm a good shot.  (7 yards)

Wendy and Bubby came over on Sunday.  He's an avid fisherman.  We spent all day at the pond drinking beer and watching him fish. Also took a few dips..... first time in years!  

The last photo looks as though he was describing how big the "one that got away" was.

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