Friday, November 14, 2008

AREDIA Doesn't Agree with Dominic-

Presently 11 am, and my Dom just turned the electric blanket on and crawled between the sheets. Just like last month, he's suffering "flu-like-symptoms"..... it's a balmy 72 degrees outside, and he's shivering.

Now we know it's yesterday's AREDIA infusion.... was hoping to blame last months reaction on his flu shot.

Nanette is happy to slip between the sheets at a drop of the hat- I love snoozing.

Dom, on the other hand, is hating this. I told him, "Hey- you're getting through this treatment with flying colors....if you get knocked out only 1 day per month, you're lucky- Now, get in bed and relax!"

**edited to correct the name of the drug that Dom's is taking via IV on a monthly's "Aredia", not "Avidia". BTW: it's presently 4:30 pm, and he's still in bed, poor guy. **

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