Sunday, November 23, 2008

This Absolutely INFURIATES me!

I have basically DESPISED the Democratic Party for years, but I've gained a new respect for these demon-craps. *weg*

They're hanging tough while dealing with our "Big 3". I'm tickled that our Senate is not getting bullied by these Fat Cats. As far as I'm concerned..... LET 'EM FILE BANKRUPTCY AND START OVER! If these idiots can't produce vehicles that Americans want to purchase, to hell with 'em!

This piece from Perez Hilton got my blood boiling....

As we all painfully know, Detroit's "big 3" auto CEOs caused quite a stink last week when they had the audacity to fly into Washington D.C. via luxury corporate jets to beg the taxpayers for a $25 billion bailout loan.

Well, it looks like the public's WTF? sentiment got to at least two of the three big auto boys.

GM announced on Friday that it's going to cut their corporate jet fleet by two.

A spokesperson said the company started the year with a fleet of seven leased jets.

It gave back two in September and is preparing to shed two more.

GM said it was 'already preparing to give back the two additional jets even before last week's hearing'.

Uh huh.

The mouthpiece went on to say, "We are very sensitive to the issues around the use of corporate planes. This is something we will be looking at closely in the future."

Also, Ford is 'considering' selling its five corporate jets.

A Ford flack said, "Our top priority is to make progress on our transformation plan. We don't want anything to distract us."


Why not DO???

There was no word about what the other auto company, Chrysler, plans to do about their corporate jet fleet.


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