Saturday, November 8, 2008

TUES 11-4

Dom had a great night's sleep and woke up feeling great. No dizziness, confusion, etc..... which I was told to look for by the Tulane Cancer Center doctor that I had spoken to the night before.

We had made plans to visit my Aunt Ro who lives in North Ft. Myers. As Dom felt so good, we took the drive to her place at the Del Tura Country Club.

Aunt Ro is mom's last remaining sibling. She's the baby out of 7 children. I hadn't seen her for THIRTY YEARS.

My God, this was the highlight of my trip. What a little doll! She looks like a million bucks. I was absolutely tickled to see her.

We spent about an hour visiting. Much to my horror, I had forgotten to bring my camera! (these pictures were taken yesterday, on the way back home).

She has a beautiful home and an active lifestyle. This really pleased me.

Headed back to Ft. Myers Beach and lounged around the pool and hot tub with Diane and Jerry.

They put on quite a spread for dinner. Black Angus burgers, hot dogs, huge salad, baked beans and french fries on the grill. (I'm going to try this at home- they thawed out the frozen “fat fries” and cooked them on the grill at a low heat, turning often- you'd never know that they weren't cooked in oil!)

Watched the STUPID ELECTION RESULT on TV. Gawd help America.

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