Saturday, November 8, 2008

THUR 11-6:

Had a great breakfast and said sad goodbyes to Diane and Jerry.

Man, they really are something else! Wonderful, wonderful hosts. Wonderful breakfasts and dinners each day. They carted us around for 3 days....

I didn't mention it in the “Monday Night at the Hospital” entry, but they were there for me at every moment. They drove home to get Dom's medications, and then insisted on staying. I urged them to leave, but they wouldn't hear of it. They're dear, dear friends.

Stopped at the Health Park Hospital for a copy of Dom's medical records from Monday night. That went very smoothly. Then, ventured to Aunt Ro's for 3 quick pictures and a kiss goodbye.

Drove to TALLAHASSEE for the night. Had Chinese food delivered. We had a very pleasant drive, dinner and overnight stay. Dom stomped on it coming out of a Rest Area- hit 101 mph..... This was probably the highlight of his trip. (rolling my eyes and grinning).

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