Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Friday, Gang!

All is well in Mudville. Dom has been feeling pretty good, as he has for the past couple of days. We tore up the roads yesterday, making about a zillion stops, finishing off with 2 beers with our dear buddy, Richard Mc, in Bogalusa. Today was unpacking Christmas decorations and a little bit of internet shopping for Christmas.

If Dominic still feels good in the morning, I'm headed to Lovely Linda's house in Metairie for the night. I haven't had a chance to see her new home, and am looking forward to it. Unfortunately, Lin can't stand sports..... Yours truly has turned into a RABID Alabama Crimson Tide fan. Part of the deal with my visit is that she allows me to watch the Alabama/Florida game without chit-chat or interruption. (Hey.... what are friends for, right???????? Never mind that we didn't see each other for a good 18 months until recently.... priorities, priorities!). I've got my PJs, ALABAMA bandana and beer huggy packed. Between Dom feeling good, the game, and spending time with Lin, life can hold no more! ROLL TIDE ROLL!

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