Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dom is HOME!

Happy Saturday, Gang.

Sitting with my laptop, taking a break from cleaning/disinfecting and sanitizing. It's a rainy day. Dom's out of bed, got sick of television, and is now reading a "dirty rotten biker" book.

He was released from the hospital (to our Metairie apartment) on Tuesday afternoon. John took the pic line out of his arm. He's still on 2 different blood thinners for the blood clot that had developed, as well as a bunch of antibiotics.

Dom is wiped out. It's a physical effort to walk from our living room to our bedroom. He gets winded. He has no appetite. I've been "forcing him" to choke down cold sandwiches. Today, at almost 2 pm, all he's had is a half of a peanut butter/jelly sandwich. Again, Tulane expected this, and said that he's doing well.

As he has to have a "sitter", his buddy Chris came over for the night on Wed., so I could go overnight to Poplarville for the mail and feeding of cats. I was delighted to see that I still have 4 sassy kitties! Tough country cats.

Chris waited til I returned home on Thursday morning before he left. Said that nothing was going to happen to him on "his watch". (Had called when I was about an hour away and told him that he could split).

We had a 10:30 am appointment for bloodwork. Unfortunately, Dom had forgotten to take coumadin for a couple of days, so they sent us home until Monday. Then an appointment with Dr. Safah on Tuesday. I'll be curious to see his newest numbers. I got such a kick out of watching them come up.

Yesterday, Friday, I spent a couple of hours at the pool with my new buddy, running back to the apartment every half hour to check on Dom. He's fine, other than exhausted.

Got nothing planned for the rest of the weekend. Hope his appetite returns for Tuesday.... he'll be a "birthday boy". (his OLD birthday..... now he's got 2 of 'em!)

Have a great weekend!

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