Thursday, August 6, 2009

Amy's Visit.....NONSTOP FUN!!!!!

Hi gang....

Sorry for the 1 week lapse in posting....been really busy. Let me catch you up:

Friday: Went a.m. to visit Dom. His bloodcounts were going through the roof! They were very happy.

Best childhood friend, Amy, flew into town around 1pm. We went to Oscar's for an Oscarlotta and a couple of beers, then came home and hung out at the pool until dark.

Saturday: I let Amy moan and groan in bed (hungover), while I, being the good wife, drove in for a visit. All of infections had almost cleared up. Doctors were pleased.

Best Southern friend, Lovely Linda, came over around noon.... brought the rain with her. The 3 of us took a cab to Taco San Miguel. Enjoyed multiple margaritas on the rocks that one could actually taste tequila! EXCELLENT FOOD. I need to write a review on before I forget!

Came back (Nan now has a "personal driver"!!!!) and the 3 of us hung out at the pool for much of the afternoon.

Sunday: Another visit to Dom in the morning.....gawd, I'm good! Then, Amy and I took a cab to the Swamp Room for a highly over-hyped cheeseburger. Never again. Stupid sandwich. Kind of a stupid crowd, too. *grinning*

Chris drove over to meet us, then the 3 of us came back here for big fun.... multiple martinis...... broken furniture......Chris spent the night. It's a good thing that he was here to babysit us. *grinning and rolling my eyes* (DOM said, "'s like having THREE Newbury Girls instead of two of you!)

Monday: A Dom visit. More rain. Linda picked us up and we went to Oscars, and then the little Tapas joint next door. We three old broads were drooling over the 20-something new bartender..... a little tenderoni.

Tuesday: Had Amy at the airport for around 8am, then headed to the hospital to bring him home.

To be continued....

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