Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dom's Blood Work Looks "Good...REALLY Good"!

Just returned from our appointment with Dr. Safah. She's very pleased with Dom's numbers. "Good- really good." (Music to our ears!)

Went in for lab work yesterday. They took him off of his 2 blood thinners, and gave him Potassium...a 2 hour drip.

Back in tomorrow for more of the same..... then they'll advise about blood thinners.

I'm heading into Poplarville for the night on Thursday. Chris is going to spend the night with Dom. In another week, I'll be able to leave him alone..... home alone!

Oh, yeah.... today is Dom's 64th Birthday!

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JANIE said...

Happy Birthday Dom!
Janie, Joe, Briar, and Sofia