Saturday, August 15, 2009

The End of Another Busy Week

Hi gang-

Our patient is doing quite well. He's feeling stronger every day. His appetite is back, and his taste buds are very slowly coming back.

We had a long and busy week. Went to Tulane on Mon, Tues, and Wed.

Thursday, Dom decided that he wanted to come with me to Poplarville. What a LONG day.....80 mile drive to check on the kitties, then another 50 miles to Slidell to visit his maw. I had her sit in the car with him to visit..... mask on. Then, another 25 miles to Mandeville, and across the Causeway to the apartment. (another 25 miles). I was absolutely exhausted.

Headed back to Tulane on Friday. They called that afternoon to tell Dom to lay off the blood thinners and eat alot of broccoli this weekend. Luckily, Rouses was selling it for only a buck a bunch.

Had hoped to spend the day at the pool today, but alas, the skies are black. *pouting*

Back to Tulane on Monday. Thank gawd we've got this apartment only 8 miles away!

Happy Saturday, gang. Have a delightful weekend.


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Sharon said...

Hi Nanand Dom!

It's Sharon Pyle from I asked Ken how Dom is doing and he sent me this link. I've just signed on; but wanted to let you know I've been thinking of you both (and in my world, that means prayers too) and so glad he's doing well!

I will continue to send up those prayers and before you know it; you'll both be back, able go back to your life...and we all know that means you'll be cruising before you know it!

I have another client who has had to have a kidney transplant. It's been a long haul (and a much anticipated then cancelled cruise); but the important thing is that he's doing well and CRUISING again!

May each day become better and better!