Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fri Dec 18th.... Jennifer, Richard and their kids.....

Big bro had to go to work, so I was the good sister.... polished silver, stewed some tomatoes and didn't raid his beer supply. :)

After he got home from work, my niece Jenna, her husband Richard and kids Lauren (almost 3) and Blake (about a year and a half) came over.

Aunt Nan was tickled... no screaming... no crying... just giggles and laughs! *she sez sighing a breath of relief*

Had a real fun visit. Here's Jen's gang: (Am bummed out as many of the pics....especially my Lauren, were blurry..... I'll make it up on Christmas day at Jennifer's!!!!)

BTW: I have to say that little Blake is the happiest little fella that I've ever been around...nothing but smiles and giggles... no tears.... what a little doll!!!!

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