Monday, December 14, 2009

Saints are Thirteeneneaux! Christmas Party, Acme, Weekend in Poplarville

Hi gang.....

Had a great week- On Thursday, Carmella did my hair, and then we headed to ACME OYSTER HOUSE We bellied up to the raw bar, made friends with a couple shuckers and stuffed ourselves on raw oysters. I probably had a dozen. Carmella had at least 2 dozen. Had a couple beers to wash 'em down with. Good times!!! Did a little shopping at Steinmart (Carmella has become a terrible influence on me!).

On Friday night, the Gatehouse (our apartment complex) had their annual Christmas party. Man, they sure had a spread of food. On our way out, management insisted that we load up styrofoam go-boxes with chicken wings and mini muffalettas.... made for great football snacking!

Headed to Poplarville on Saturday morning. It rained like hell. It's a good thing that we took both cars.... this joint became flooded.... 7 inches of water dropped here. My car would have been under water.

An amusing story.... someone called into a local radio show saying that he had stalled out 1 block from here. (West Napolean and Severn area). As he was trying to push his car onto high ground, a 7 foot long alligator swam nearby!!! Would that freak you out, or what? Only in New Orleans!

Rains ended on Sunday morning, but nothing dried up.... very damp. Our ground is completely saturated. Enjoyed watching the Saints go 13-0. Very exciting game, as they have been the last several weeks.

Woke up this morning with the intentions of leaving my car in MS. Wrong. Dom's truck wouldn't start.... he was just bragging about how dependable the thing is and that he never has problems with it. Go figure!

Had to swing into Tulane for bloodwork, the drug store, and then Lakeside. I had a bug up my ass.... I needed another pair of "Extreme Skinny" jeans. Got a pair of grey ones.... to find that they were buy one, get one 50% Off.... I'd just bought a pair of black ones last week. Grrrrrr!

Sat at the bar at PF Changs Enjoyed egg rolls and a monster bowl of Won Ton Soup.

Heading to the attorney's office in Slidell for some paperwork, then off to the Biloxi VA Hospital for our appointment with Dom's VA Oncologist..... Dr. Ginger Rogers. Love it! Love her, too!

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