Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ho Ho Ho....Oink Oink Oink!

Geez...... I felt so slim when I got here 1 week ago..... it was fun while it lasted. *grinning*

On Wed. night, Ric and I had a delightful dinner at TGIF's. The place was all decorated for Christmas... very pleasant. They were offering a 3 course dinner for $12.95. We spent another couple bucks each for a half-a-dozen shrimp. Good stuff! In fact, I didn't even touch my entree...brought it home. Just ate the app and dessert... the most decadent cheesecake I'd ever had. We got out of there for $50 including the tip and a couple pints of beer each. What a deal.

Last night, Tony took us to one of his restaurants, "BRAVOS". As I type this at 10 am the next morning, I'm still uncomfortably full. Man, did we eat and drink. You'd have thought that we were celebrities sitting at Tony's table.... a constant stream of fellow management stopped by for a chat.

The drink of choice was their Espresso Martini..... Vanilla vodka, Coffee Liquor, Dark Creme de Cocoa and a shot of espresso.

Had multiple appetizers, an array of entrees and desserts. I was really impressed with the joint, and proud of our Tony. THANKS AGAIN, Tony and Jill! It was a lovely evening!

Meanwhile, in LA/MS, all is well. Dom, Christine and Gene took a load to Poplarville. Then went to our favorite buffet, had a beer at the L&C, then drove into Slidell for a quick visit with Aunt Lou.

Dom feels good and has dinner reservations at an Italian restaurant for the 3 of 'em tonite. (The same place that we went for our 21st wedding anniversary a few weeks ago).

Hope everyone enjoys their Christmas Eve! We're heading to Jill and Tony's for another feeding frenzy. *groaning and smiling*

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