Thursday, July 30, 2009

Heading Home Soon! Day +13......

Dom is doing GREAT. Almost all of his mouth sores have disappeared. He can swallow without pain. They moved him from liquids to soft foods.... puddings, yogurts, mashed potatoes, etc.

Everything still goes right through him, though. He had 14 bouts of diarrhea yesterday! (Glad that he doesn't read this blog.... he'd be horrified that I'm telling stories about his bodily functions!)

They'll be taking him off of the Kepivance (?) once his ANC reaches 10,000. Get a load out of these newest numbers, gang:

Day +11
HCT: 29.5
WBC: 3.2
ANC: 2912
Platelets: 41

Day +12
HCT: 28.3
WBC: 5.9
ANC: ---------------
Platelets: 38

Day +13:
HCT: 30.5
WBC: 10.1
ANC: 8282
Platelets: 38

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