Saturday, October 31, 2009

Road Trip!!!! Happy Halloween!

Had a fun day today. Henry picked me up at 9am. We drove to Beth's house in LaPlace via Airline Hwy. for a change.

Their old internet buddy, Timmy rolled in shortly after. Timmy is a comedian for Carnival Cruise Lines, originally a Tennessee boy. Nice fella. This was his first time in that area of town, so Beth wanted to show him around.

The 5 of us headed North. (Timmy, Nan, Henry, Beth and her husband Darryl....although I call him Russell.... long story) *grinning*

We stopped at Frenier Landing for a few photos. Very nice area. Then a quick walk through the swamp at the Joyce Wildlife Management area.

Heading further North, we went to Middendorf's in Manchac for a wonderful lunch. Another internet buddy, Barbara, met us there. Fun, fun gal! Darryl/Russell is the Comptroller at the restaurant. Wow, did we eat. Crab Remoulade, Crab Fingers, Crabmeat Cocktail, Turtle Soup, Gumbo, Fried Shrimp, Fried Oysters, Fried Catfish, Stuffed Crab..... homemade ice cream. OINK OINK.

Continued Northerly to Pontchatoula, LA. Stopped at a produce market, a couple of antique shops, a museum, then started heading home in order to let Timmy head to Baton Rouge at a decent hour.

Made a stop at the Manchac Swamp, as well as a couple of Andouille shops in Laplace.

Henry and I went our "usual" route all the way home down River Road. He suggested a fun day for Christine and I during her Thanksgiving visit. YAY! Had a lovely day. Pics coming next.

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