Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fingernails After Chemo/Total Body Radiation

Here's something neat to share with you guys. Went to see Dr. Safah on Thursday. Dom showed her his fingernails....they're very sensitive. She explained that the "line" you'll see on this picture was a timeline.... after chemo and radiation killed his fingernails, the new tender stuff started growing along with his hair. Thought this was interesting!

Went to see ZOMBIELAND yesterday afternoon. Fun flick. Your country bumpkins were surprised that Friday matinees aren't five bucks.... $7.50. Also no five dollar drink/popcorn. Live and learn!

Got chicken leg quarters on the stove. Making chicken noodle soup today. Dom headed to Poplarville to pick up a UPS delivery this morning. Chris is going to join us for the LSU game later. Life is good!

Happy weekend, my friends!

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