Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chackbay Road Trip Part I

Handsome Henry picked me up at 8am Sat. morning. We headed to Beth's place in LaPlace. Transferred our stuff into Beth's neato car and headed down River Road, crossed over the MS River via the Veterans Memorial Bridge. Manned with our ICEES, we slowly made our way to Chackbay for the Gumbo Fest.

When we arrived, we were horrified to see that they were still pulling vehicles out of the MUD parking area from the night before. The festival grounds were sloppy. We said, "the hell with it...we'll figure something out".

Beth suggested that I find my first GEO-CACHE. What fun! I want to say that it was in Vacherie. What a neat hobby. She's got a small hand held GPS, and keeps trinkets in her purse to add to the goodies. I enjoyed it. I'm thinking that this could become rather addictive.

Headed back across the river and wound our way along River Road. One of our stops was the St. Peter's Church in Paulina. I THINK that this was the church with the Angel Garden. Gang it was absolutley beautiful. Statues dedicated to the dead with plaques. Benches, fountains, lovely landscaping. Knocked me out.

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