Monday, October 19, 2009

A Good Week

We had a fairly good week. Dom's stomach feels much better, and his strength is slowly coming back. His fingernails are slowly dropping off from the radiation which is bizarre.

On Monday, I hopped into my car to meet Rae for lunch to find the battery dead. Dom dropped me off at the Cajun Bar and Grill. I had an excellent Club Sandwich. Rae gave us a container of kick-ass wild black rice from the banks of the Mississippi "somewhere up North.... Ohio, maybe?" (that gave me a chuckle)

I walked home from lunch to find Dom replacing my battery with a new one.

Wednesday was fun. Caught a showing of "Couples Retreat". Great movie. Great cast. Vince Vaughn. *drooling* Love that man.

Afterwards, we went to the Rivershack for a late lunch. We split a sandwich...roast beef, corned beer, pastrami with shredded swiss on Rye. WOW.

Off to Tulane on Thursday. Dom had an ultrasound that showed his blood clot (from 3 months ago) has dissolved. Off of the coumadin. His Shingles are disappearing. Off of the Valtrex. Dr. Safah wanted to run bloodwork to confirm that Dom's cancer is in remission, but decided to wait a couple more weeks. The Shingles virus might have shown a false positive. So, next week will be the test.

Got a phone call saying that they called prescriptions in for Dom. Folic Acid and Magnesium. *sighing*

Had a super busy day on Friday. Stopped at the pharmacy, then headed to Slidell to visit Mrs. M. Stopped at Arby's for a good sandwich- their version of a patty-melt with roast beef.

Had a 2pm appointment with our insurance man in Poplarville. That went quickly. Swung by the post office to pick up a week's worth of mail.

Headed to Bogalusa for some grocery shopping, banking, dumped garbage and got ice at the phone yard. I got tired just typing about our stops!

On Saturday, Dom picked up the neighbor and they headed to a gun show in Poplarville. Right down the road, they stopped at a car show. Ran in to Dennis P's brother, Kenny.

Meanwhile, I was cleaning/sanitizing kitchen floor, making beef stroganoff and drinking beer. Watched a few movies together. (he was getting super tired walking around the shows, so was basically "finished" for the day when he got home).

Sunday morning we rushed home to see our Saints spank Eli Manning. 5-0. Pinch me!

So, gang.... 'twas a good week. Still got 4 sassy kitties at home. Dom was in heaven to be back home. In fact, he's going to spend 3 nights this week....meanwhile Nanette will be a groovy bachelorette! Lovely Linda is in town for the birth of Paul's grandchild. Heading out with Henry and Beth on Saturday. Should be an excellent week.

We love you guys!

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