Sunday, October 11, 2009

Poplarville, Beth and Henry and a Mellow Sunday

Happy Sunday gang!

The phone just's our tour guide/dear friend, Levi Baron from the beautiful island of Dominica. We spent the day with him while on a cruise, became fast-friends, and have kept up communications for a couple of years. I drummed up alot of business for the guy, and he repays us with a nice stream of island treats! Love the man. Check out his website:
You'll see some shots of yours truly, and this gorgeous island. When we FINALLY get back on a cruise ship, we're hoping to stop on Dominica. If we're unable to, Levi will meet us on a different island. The guy is a doll.

Went to Poplarville on Thursday. Nothing exciting. Had fun with my cats... neighbor lost 4 sheep to coyotes in as many days last week. My tough kitties are too smart for the beautiful predators!

Spent a great day with Beth and Henry again yesterday. While out and about, Chris came over to watch the Crimson Tide game with Dom. I'm going to post photos of yesterday's outings in separate posts to keep the photos together.

Hope all is well, family and friends. Enjoy your Sunday!

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