Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chackbay Final Chapter V

We headed out to Hymel's for a wonderful lunch. The place looked like it had been there forever and was packed. Rightly so. I had one of the best meals in recent weeks. Their crab au gratin was some of the best I've ever had. Harry had some crawfish bisque and Beth did a shrimp cocktail and stuffed crab. We all enjoyed it very much. As it was Henry's birthday on Thurs, Beth and I split the check. We love our Henry!!!!

Afterwards, we stopped at St. Michael's Church and Grotto in Convent. This was probably the highlight of my day. What a beautiful church! Filled with chalices and candlesticks from the 1700's. Behind the altar was a grotto.
I lit 3 candles for my folks and Dom's dad. Then sat down and said a prayer for Dominic's health. Left feeling anew. Much to my surprise/delight, Beth sent me a photo of the grotto. It's rather apparent that she caught some ORBS. (ghosts/spiritual beings/whatever). I'm posting the original photo, as well as a copy that I indicated these supernatural appearances on "film".

After we left there, we took a quick drive around the Boudousquie-Godchaux House in Reserve. As Beth joked, "Godchaux Nose!!!!!". Before we left Beth's house, she loaded me up with fresh oregano, basil and a bag of frozen trout. (My kitchen smells heavenly, as I'm making pasta using her herbs!) Henry dropped me off at the apartment around 4 pm. Chris was here watching the Alabama game with Dom. I gave him some of Beth's herbs and he was tickled.

Presently, Dom is at Dennis P.'s to visit with him and his brother. As there's no Saints game on today, I'm watching DIRTY ROTTEN BIKERS on the History Channel. (They call it "Gangland", but nevermind!)

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Anonymous said...

You are a great friend to have! I had a blast dahlin.