Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hi gang-

Presently in Dom's room sipping on a latte and grooving on this free WI FI with my laptop.  What a change from dial-up!!

Not too much to report.

John Rink, the man I really love, came in to talk to us yesterday afternoon.  He had just met with the infectious diseases doctor.  Told us that the same bacteria showed up both in Dom's blood AND urine.

They'll be able to identify it today, learn of it's sensitivity to antibiotics, and treat it from there...possibly sending him home with pills today.

He's still on an "all purpose" antibiotic drip, potassium, and got 2 units of blood last night....that freaked me out, but they told me it was no big deal... he was low on something.

He began losing his hair on Monday morning.  When he got out of the tub, he said it looked like he had given the dog a bath in there.  Poor baby.... mustache, eyebrows, his sexy chest hair.... all going, but will grow back.

If he's stuck here another night, I'll probably spend the night at Lin's again and have Christine go home to get mail, feed the critters and spend the night.  I'm SO GLAD that she's here to help us.

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